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Many people enjoyed the festival from the bayou itself, floating on hand-made devices along with inflatable objects. (Zach Brien, MidCityMessenger.com)

NOLA Messenger is an independently-owned, online, community news organization founded in September 2010 with UptownMessenger.com. MidCityMessenger.com is the Mid-City equivalent launched in January of 2013.

On this site, you’ll find neighborhood-level coverage of land use, politics, crime, business, and community events every day. We will tell the stories of Mid-City New Orleans through traditional, quality reporting and photojournalism.

We are financially supported by local advertisers and by generous contributions from our readers. Although we are not a traditional “newspaper,” we strictly adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics.

We are financially supported by our local advertisers. We strictly adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics.

You can reach us by email at midcity@nolamessenger.com.

Messenger Coverage

Dist. A City Councilman Joe Giarrusso during a City Council meeting on bicycle safety on March 14, 2019. (Zach Brien, MidCityMessenger.com)

Our primary coverage area includes Mid-City, Lower Mid-City, Bayou St. John, and the Fairgrounds—running very roughly from City Park to Broad Street—though we’ll cover news of interest to our readers wherever it takes place.

The primary coverage area of our original site, UptownMessenger.com, runs roughly from the Lower Garden District all the way to the Carrollton area, but we’ll cover news of interest to our readers wherever it takes place.

Our third site, GentillyMessenger.com, sprouted up in 2016, and our coverage of New Orleans communities continues to grow. This site primarily covers news for Gentilly, Gentilly Terrace, Ponchartrain Park, Gentilly Woods, and the Lakefront, though at times we report on surrounding areas including New Orleans East, City Park, and Lakeview.

Our Staff

Tyree C. Worthy
Tyree C. Worthy, Publisher

Tyree C. Worthy, Publisher

Tyree joined the Messenger team in 2012, starting with advertising inquiries, sales, and social-media management for both publications. Over the past seven years, he has grown his role into Publisher. He now helps direct news coverage and tackles top-level projects and responsibilities.

A New Orleans native by way of Memphis, TN, Tyree is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans and a board member for the Young Audiences of Louisiana.

With his commitment to public service, Tyree’s mission is to use our news sites to encourage local commerce and promote business development, strengthening the city of New Orleans each neighborhood at a time.

Founding Sponsors

The founding sponsors of Mid-City Messenger include LCI Worker’s Comp and WWL-TV. We have these businesses to thank for their early support in launching this site and supporting local news.

11 Replies to “About Us

  1. Regarding the technology that robbers are using to break into cars: can the car key be placed in a metal box (jewelry or candy box) rather than only aluminum foil?

  2. My friend lost a small, orange wallet, perhaps in the parking lot of Blue Oak Restaurant on Carrollton Ave. Saturday night, Sept. 9. It had several gift cards and $50 cash. How can I post this on MCM?

  3. Can we talk about the growing Tent farm under the I10 overpass and where City Park Ave meets Metairie Rd. Whose jurisdiction is that? Orleans or Jefferson? Though this problem seems small now, I work downtown and have seen first hand how out of control it can get in a short span of time. I do not condone Pan Handling, I believe the charities that I donate to provide services that are more needed than allowing vagrant begging.

  4. Your site is not working correctly. Some words show up in chinese symbols and when I click on a story, it does not open and I get a warning message that the site is blocked/phishing.

    It’s been like this for a few weeks and I’ve tried to let you know but not sure where that message has gone. It does not happen with Uptown Messenger, just the MidCity Messenger.

    Gretchen Caillouet

  5. agree with Gretchen– I dropped out quite a few years ago — found format not following the KISS rule(s) — (keep it simple stupid)
    I am old school— and am old— seems like basics are missing such as who are the leaders in the organizations ? how do you contact them ? etc etc
    sorry perhaps I am just too busy to decipher what you guys are trying to get across i.e. purpose, means, problems, successes, failures
    I found the experience had many who were interested in their purpose(s) and not the broader community view(s) —even our elected leaders (??!!) had their own selfish interest

  6. and who are the reviewers ? and what are their credentials to censor — this should be published

    everything is so secretive — very NOLA with a clique mentality —

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