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Join us in exploring the Many Lives of Charity Hospital, hosted by Chelsey Richard Napoleon, Clerk of Civil District Court (sponsored)

The Honorable Chelsey Richard Napoleon is excited to announce this year’s Archives Month showcase!

Email your interest in experiencing this new showcase:

The Notarial Archives Research Center is located in our Land Records Division. These documents, which date back to the 1700s, represent the rich history of New Orleans. The archives can be used for property, genealogical, architectural and landscaping research, among other subjects.

The Land Records Division is where documents regarding property are recorded. Documents regarding changes in ownership, sales, donations, as well as mortgages, liens and encumbrances, are recorded in our Land Records Division.

Our Civil Division is where civil cases — such as personal injury, accidents, successions and foreclosures — are filed. Domestic matters, such as divorce and child support, are also handled in the Civil Division.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact the Research Center at 504-407-0106 or

Clerk of Civil District Court
Notarial Archives Research Center
1340 Poydras Street, Suite 360

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