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Mid City Pizza is no longer in Mid-City

Mid City Pizza sold a thin-crust pizza with large slices in the New York style. (Mid City Pizza)

By Marielle Songy, Mid-City Messenger

The Mid-City location of Mid City Pizza has closed its doors, according to an announcement posted Saturday (Dec. 10) on the business’s Facebook page.

The Uptown location of Mid City Pizza will remain open.

“It’s with a heavy heart that we are closing the doors to Mid City Pizza Banks St.,” the statement read. “We tried as best we could to uphold and honor Rand’s legacy in this shop, and we hope you know how important this community was to him and has been to us. To our neighbors, employees, and fellow pizza lovers, we appreciate you more than you know.”

Rand Owens

Rand Owens founded Mid City Pizza in 2014 at 4400 Banks St., the former home to Crescent Pie & Sausage. Owens was from Lafayette and spent time in Austin, Texas, before relocating to New Orleans. He got his start in the pizza business in the kitchen of Lazaro’s, a small restaurant attached to Banks Street Bar.

Owens’ New York-style pizza became popular in the neighborhood and pulled customers from all over the city. This popularity prompted Owens to open Mid City Pizza’s second location, MCP Uptown, at 6307 S. Miro St., in 2017.

Owens, who also purchased Banks Street Bar in 2018, died suddenly in 2020, and Owens’ friend Tristan Moreau took over Mid City Pizza.

In 2021, Moreau joined Aaron Amadio, Peter Prevot, Josh Richard and Ron Richard to open Bub’s NOLA, a smash burger restaurant. It was named to honor Owens, who called his friends and customers “Bub.” 

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