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Roadwork update: City Park, Bayou St. John, Mid-City, Hagan-Lafitte

From the Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s Office announced in its monthly roadwork update that 60 roadwork projects are currently underway around the city, totaling over $600 million.

They said that the city hopes to demonstrate accountability and effectiveness in its current infrastructure projects in order to help secure more federal infrastructure funding in the future.

The mayor’s message also said that with hurricane season underway, the city is working with contractors to make sure they are prepared to secure construction sites in the event of serious tropical weather.

Roadwork NOLA released updates on the following projects in Mid-City: City Park Group A, Bayou St. John Groups A and B, Mid-City Groups A and B, Hagan-Lafitte drainage project.

The scope of roadwork varies by block and typically includes the following:
• Repaving the asphalt roadway from curb-to-curb;
• Patching the roadway with asphalt or concrete;
• Repairing damaged sidewalks and driveway aprons;
• Installing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps at intersections; and
• Replacing or repairing damaged underground water, sewer, and drainage lines.

Neighbors will be informed ahead of any work that will involve utility disruption or impact parking and street access.

Residents are asked to continue to be mindful of “No Parking” signs installed prior to roadwork. Vehicles are eligible for towing if not moved within 24 hours of signs being placed.

Work is halted on Sherwood Forest Drive in March. (Roadwork NOLA)

City Park Group A temporarily reopens Sherwood Forest Drive to vehicular traffic and residential parking; sewer line replacement operations scheduled

Sherwod Forest Drive roadway improvements began in February 2021; however, due to adjustments in the scope of work, the project came to an abrupt halt in March.

Fleming Construction crews have placed temporary aggregate and reopened the street to vehicular traffic and parking until roadway construction resumes.  Residents will receive notice prior to work resuming.

This month, crews will continue the second St. John Court sequence, which will include sewer line, drainage line and catch basin replacements.

Additionally, full reconstruction of the roadway, sidewalks and driveway aprons that pose tripping hazards, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curbs will be replaced. Residents were made aware via a memo of the restrictions this work will cause.

In May, full-depth reconstruction operations on Allard Boulevard between City Park Avenue and Dumaine Street began, which includes a block-long road closure.

This $6.1 million project was designed by ECM Consultants. Construction began in September 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in fall 2021, weather permitting.

View a copy of the presentation given at the Aug. 27, 2020, public meeting here.

Roadway restoration resumes on Conti in Mid-City Group A

The 2700 block of Conti Street in April (Roadwork NOLA)

Hard Rock Construction crews are continuing work on the $6.3 million Mid-City Group A infrastructure and road improvement project.

Crews are preparing the roadway in the 2700 block of Conti for a temporary layer of asphalt to provide relief to residents and businesses along this corridor.

There have been numerous unforeseen challenges on this block, including three water leaks. As a result, the scope of the work on this block will be expanded to include a full waterline replacement as a part of the Mid-City Group B, currently in construction.

Crews have also recently completed work in the 600 block of South Pierce Street and the 4000 block of Ulloa Street.

This project was designed by Infinity Engineering and is being constructed by Hard Rock Construction Co.

The entire project was originally scheduled to be complete in the fall; however, additional scope has been added, which moved the completion date to later this spring.

Roadwork continues in the Mid-City Group B project in April. (Roadwork NOLA)

Mid-City Group B Project continues sewer line replacements, house connections and roadway concrete pours

Hard Rock Construction Co. crews are continuing sewer line installations on the $24.4 million Mid-City Group B project. The 4500 block of Iberville Street, 200 block of North Alexander Street, and 400 block of St. Patrick Street are receiving new sewer lines this month.

Once sewer lines are installed, crews will perform sewer line house connections.

As a reminder, the city upgrading extremely old utilities (water, sewer and drainage lines in some cases), so it is possible that upgrades to pipes in the public right-of-way could mean that subsequent upgrades are needed for pipes on private property.

Due to the sensitive archaeological nature of these areas, the city archaeologist has been monitoring roadway excavation activity to protect and preserve historic findings.

This project was designed by Infinity Engineering Consultants and is expected to be completed in fall 2022, weather permitting. You can view the project map here.

The city hosted a virtual meeting via WebEx in February 2021 to discuss anticipated impacts to the community. View the presentation here.

Bayou St. John, Fairgrounds, Seventh Ward Group A Project underway

The $11.7 millioin Bayou St. John, Fairgrounds, Seventh Ward Group A project is now underway with roadway excavation and sewer line repairs and replacement operations throughout the project area.

Crews are working in the 1500 block of North Prieur Street,1500 block of North Roman Street, and the 2300 block of Laharpe Street.

This project was designed by Urban Systems, Associates and is being constructed by Fleming Construction Co.  Click here to view a map of the project scope.

The project is expected to be completed in summer 2022, weather permitting.

View the presentation given at the March 9, 2021, public meeting here.

Work continues in Bayou St. John during April. (Roadwork NOLA)

Bayou St. John, Fairgrounds, Seventh Ward Group B Project progresses

Barriere Construction crews broke ground on the $23 million Bayou St John, Fairgrounds, Seventh Ward Group B infrastructure improvement  project in December 2020.

In March, in collaboration with the Sewerage & Water Board, crews began drainage and waterline tie-ins throughout the project. Crews are also working on roadway and sidewalk restoration throughout the project, including on Lepage Street.

This project is expected to be completed in spring 2022.

The City of New Orleans hosted a virtual meeting via WebEx in November 2020 to discuss anticipated impacts to the community. View a copy of the presentation here.

Work is nearly complete on the Hagan-Lafitte drainage project. (Roadwork NOLA)

Finalizing sidewalks and curbs in Hagan-Lafitte project

New sidewalks are being framed around Easton Park as Command Construction Industries finishes the final portions of the Hagan-Lafitte drainage project. The project, which is 99 percent complete, is designed to reduce localized flooding by storing up to 1.3 million gallons of stormwater.

Work is wrapping up on Easton Park which includes an underground massive water storage tank, on sidewalks along Toulouse Street, and on the rain garden planting by Twin Shores throughout the streetscape.

These “green / gray” infrastructure features are a hallmark trait of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program’s mandate to create a marriage between pipes and storage tanks and natural green features to reduce the impacts of flooding.

The $7.1 million Hagan-Lafitte project is a “gray-green” infrastructure project that features upsized drainage, urban bioswales and the huge water storage facility located underneath Easton Park.

View the pre-construction public meeting presentation here.

For more information about these projects and other upcoming work, visit or call 504-658-ROAD (7623). 

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