Mid-City was a blowout for Karen Carter Peterson … for those who showed up

By Sharon Lurye, Mid-City Messenger

Karen Carter Peterson may have lost to Troy Carter in the special congressional election on April 24, but at least she knows that Mid-City had her back.

Preliminary election data from the Secretary of State shows that Carter Peterson won all but one precinct in the neighborhood, earning 66% of the voters. Her vote total was as high as 80% in Ward 5, Precinct 9, in the Bayou St. John area.

Carter Peterson ran against Troy Carter in the race to fill Cedric Richmond’s seat in the House of Representatives after he took a position in President Biden’s administration.

She positioned herself as a progressive champion, promising to support police reform, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All. Carter took a more moderate stance, promising to work across the aisle.

Voters in Mid-City clearly liked Peterson’s message – at least the ones who showed up. Unfortunately, it was hard to stir up excitement for an off-season special election.

Mid-City saw a paltry 1,551 voters come out on election day, a drop from the 1,754 voters who showed up to the March 20 primary (early voters not included).

Voter turnout in the district, which stretches all the way from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, was only 16.6%. In comparison, it was 18% for the March primary, and 66% for the 2020 presidential election.

An endorsement from Gary Chambers, the progressive candidate whocame in third place in the primary election on March 20, may have given Carter Peterson a boost.

Chambers won every precinct in Mid-City back in March, except for the largest one, Precinct 8 in the 3rd Ward, which was a rare three-way tie.

Take a look at this interactive map to see how your precinct and your neighbors voted.

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