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Broad Theater reopens its doors and lights up its screens

Mid-City’s movie house reopens today (Wednesday, April 28), a year its screens first went dark as the pandemic descended.

It hasn’t been idle during the past 12 or so months. It opened its popular outdoor venue, The Broadside, which has hosted an array of entertainment including film festivals, concerts, watch parties, trivia nights and child-friendly matinees.

The indoor Broad Theater also reopened for a while after restrictions lifted, then closed again amid difficulties in getting new releases on the screens and patrons in the seats.

“Movie theaters have taken a significant hit over the past year and their outlook is grim,” The Broad’s April 27 newsletter states.

“We feel the Broad is different than just any old movie theater though. In our brief five year existence we have developed relationships with countless community organizations and, most importantly, so many of you.”

The pandemic also seems to have inspired The Broad to broaden its entertainment options. Not only can music lovers hear outdoor concerts at The Broadside, comedy aficionados now can catch standup comics at The Broad Theater.

Whether it’s hosting comedy, movies or anything else, the theater will operate at 50% capacity until further notice.

“Minari” was nominated for six Academy awards, including Best Picture, and won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.

Today and Thursday, movie fans can reflect on the past year over popcorn, craft beer and a showing of Roy Andersson’s “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence.”

On Friday (April 30), it will be replaced by Anderson’s new feature “About Endlessness.” Other movies opening this week are “Mortal Kombat,” “Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugan Train,” “Sister Tempest” and the award-winning “Minari.”

The Broad Theater
636 N Broad St.

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