Purse snatchers targeting outdoor diners in Mid-City


(via NOPD)

With warmer weather and continued coronavirus risk, sidewalk dining is a major trend for the spring of 2021 — and along with it comes a surge in purse and cellphone snatching.

A woman in front of the Piece of Meat restaurant and butcher shop on Saturday (March 27) found that out. She was sitting at a sidewalk table at 3301 Bienville St. when the man pictured above grabbed her purse and ran toward Broad Street.

This was the fourth such purse snatching incident within one week at outdoor restaurants in Mid-City, according to the New Orleans Police Department’s First District and the Mid-City Security District.

NOPD Sgt. Matthew Morrison, the MCSD coordinator, warns diners not to leave purses, cellphones or other valuables on the table while eating or drinking outside. Keep them out of pubic view, he urges.

If you recognize the man pictured above, please notify NOPD First District Property Crimes Detectives at 504.658.6010 and or Crimestoppers at 504.822.1111.

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  1. I’ve lived near Bayou St John for the last 9 months. I’ve from New Orleans, but I recently moved back. I only see the MCSD during the day on weekdays. Typically I just see him parked on the side of the bayou when there’s nothing really going on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them while I’ve been walking my dog at night. I rent in the area, but if I owned a house in this area and paid insane property taxes for shitty streets and lived in fear of being carjacked or robbed I’d be bothered. But maybe you aren’t since you just elect the same damn people over and over again.

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