Mardi Gras

Big Chief’s suit takes place of honor where Jefferson Davis statue was toppled

The Big Chief’s 2020 suit is protected by plexiglass and takes over the pedestal once inhabited by a bronze statue of Jefferson Davis. (Mid-City Messenger photo)

A Mardi Gras Indian suit appeared Mardi Gras morning on the pedestal once occupied by a bronze statue of the president of the Confederacy at Norman Francis Parkway and Canal Street.

Demond Melancon, Big Chief of the Young Seminole Hunter tribe, told Doug MacCash of that he and some helpers put up the display, which includes a plexiglass case, as the day broke — Indians are accustomed to rising early on Fat Tuesday, though usually not in such frigid temperatures.

It is Melancon’s 2020 suit, titled “Jah Defender.” Behind the display, they placed a box of posters with the words “The People Are King / Carnival 2021,” posters that also surround the base of the exhibit.

The suit belongs to the Big Chief of the Young Seminole Hunters, based in the 9th Ward. The bead mosaics honor Haile Selassie, an Ethiopian emperor revered among some Rastafarians. (Mid-City Messenger photo)
A passerby scores some glass beads that were placed in front of the Indian display. (Mid-City Messenger photo)


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