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Donald Rouse Sr. responds to Rouses Market boycott threats over photo at Capitol

The co-owner of Rouses Supermarkets, Donald Rouse Sr., issued a statement Thursday afternoon after a photo showing him at Wednesday’s pro-Trump demonstration at the U.S. Capitol went viral — setting off a social media furor and calls to boycott the store.

In the statement, Rouse condemned the violence and said he left before the crowd stormed the Capitol.

Lamar White Jr., the editor of Bayou Brief, posted a photo on Twitter of Rouse and a former Rouses executive, Steve Galtier, from Galtier’s now-deleted Facebook page. Galtier had posted it to show that not everyone at the protest was maskless.

It set off tweet after tweet from New Orleanians wondering where they were going to buy their groceries now that they are boycotting the Louisiana-based supermarket chain, which has store on North Carrollton Avenue.

Rouse’s statement is below:

I attended the rally yesterday as a supporter of the president and to be in our nation’s capital at the close of his presidency. I left before the violence began and was shocked and saddened to see it unfold on TV. I condemn the actions of those who unlawfully entered and damaged our hallowed institutions and threatened our public servants. Violence and destruction do not represent our country’s values, or the values of Rouses.

Though I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of Rouses, that’s my family’s name on the building and my actions reflect on my family, Rouses and this community I love so dearly. I’m horrified by the violence and destruction we saw yesterday and the pain it has caused so many. Our country desperately needs to come together to heal, and I will do everything I can to be a part of that process.


117 Replies to “Donald Rouse Sr. responds to Rouses Market boycott threats over photo at Capitol

  1. So will he retract explicitly:

    (1) the falsehood about the “millions” attending the rally incited to riot event yesterday.fal

    (2) the falsehood regarding the election outcome and its free & fair validity

    Otherwise, continue the boycott. Healing requires admitting the truth as based on evidence and evaluations of the officials charged with responsibility for our elections.

      1. I can never step inside of Rouse’s stores “anymore”. Donald Rouse, Sr. supported “The Proud Boys”, and he can’t change that! I’m so sorry for his actions, because I love their products, especially, the king cakes and boiled crawfish.

        1. I support boycott of Rouse super markets. I would be glad to stand outside the store and pass out leaflets to inform people.
          That was my capital building. How dare they!

    1. SPOT ON! If you were there, you supported the overthrow. The road to destruction is ordered by the self-righteous and carried out by the well-intentioned.

      1. Off-topic:
        Holy cow! Where did you get that quote? “The road to destruction…” That is something I’ve observed so many times that I’ve really come to believe it: some person acting very ignorantly out of good intentions doing a lot of damage. I already know “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, but yours is something I’d like to add to my mental stockpile of proverbs on the subject.

    2. I didn’t want to give up my queen cake from Rouses but I can’t support a man that doesn’t believe in truth

      1. My families do our grocery shopping weekly and buy king cakes at Rouses every year. After seeing the owner posted his photo with the thugs online, we vowed NO MORE ROUSES. We found a couple of bakery stores have delicious king cakes. If you live in the Metairie area try Chez Pierre French Bakery at the mall. It has the best king cake there.

      1. I 100% Agree with you John! These other people boycotting Rouses over their support for our President, TRUMP THAT IS, obviously dont read or keep up with politics. And to all those people go buy your king cake elsewhere I can assure all you idiots Rouses will be just fine without a handful of New Orleans residents! How dare y’all hate Trump Supporters. But now Biden cheated his way into becoming President, he has the power he has craved for over 45 years and look how bad he’s screwing Americans first.

    3. What these ignorant people do not even know, even thought it is written in the article, is that this Rouse has nothing to do with running the Rouse stores.

      1. First of all, do a grammatical error check before you speak on someone being ignorant. Secondly, my dad has nothing to do with the day to day of his company but he sure does pocket from it! I don’t give a damn! I will not teach my kids to support a racist. I’ll be shopping Winn-Dixe. You all can have that in the closet Klansmen.

      2. He still is a co-owner. He makes money from profits. You are the “ignorant” one, especially if you side with these QAnon fools.

      3. You are right Rouses have nothing to do with the store day to day but they have everything to do with the bank account. Hit them in their pockets. Boycott!

    4. As a Texan I am sending this to everyone I know in Louisiana and supporting the boycott of any business owned by Trump supporters. We have had enough. Racism will be defeated just like Trump was.

      1. I am telling all my friends to start shopping at Rouses. Donald Rouse reflects the wishes of the majority of people in Louisiana.

      2. I bet you Rouse’s will get extra business for this. I have now been going there even when inconvenient for me because last I checked it is a free country and Mr. Rouse can do whatever he wants.
        You people wanting to boycott a grocery store chain are so hateful. What about the jobs of all those who work there?
        Oh and WAITTT A MINUTE, 9 months ago they were “heroes” for working during a pandemic.
        Pathetic. Rouse’s = now my only source for groceries

        1. Well, lets see how much your support will help them keep one entire store open. People who openly choose to discriminate should not make money off of people they discriminate against. You obviously have never been struct by a prejudice hand or don’t understand what it is like to always have to be way better to measure up. Enough is Enough. Just as you said, it was his choice and right to go wherever he wants, it’s the people choice to boycott and not go wherever they want. Freedom is for all people, so don’t ridicule those who exercise their freedom and choose not to go to Rouses. It boils down to choices.

    5. What is wrong with standing up for what you believe in? Wake up, do you really want to I’ve in a socialist country if you do please leave the United States! I don’t see immigrants by the thousands rushing to China, Russia etc. they all want to come to the United States why? Because we WERE the land of the free the home of the BRAVE, but that is all changing because people don’t have the guts to stand up for their beliefs. Biden & company has done nothing for the American people. They have already cost thousand of Americans to lose their jobs, Louisiana depends on the oil industry. What do you think of the illegal immigrants coming into our country? What diseases are they going to bring? They have been on the road for weeks & months. My grandfather immigrated from Italy, he cam in legally, he fought in world War1, worked very hard, didn’t get anything from the government & did not expect anything. He contributed to this country didn’t drain it. This is disgusting.

    6. You attended the rally to throw out African American votes in Philadelphia, Georgia, Wisconsin and Chicago; that was the purpose of the Stop The Steal rally. The historical significance was to over throw a fair election.
      Don’t Lie.

      1. Amen. Can you imagine if BLM or Muslims did that.
        Apparantly they have more class than Domestic Terrorists

      1. I did shop at Rouses however this expression of violence is simply unacceptable.
        It may or may not adversely affect the chain however, I am in hopes it does, if you have an issue, I am simply expressing my right to protest. How do like them apples.

  2. The community you love???? So dearly? What a pathetic fake response. Which group of us are you referring to? You have been exposed for the racist you are. My family will never shop at your families market again. You along with your “patriots” never were very good at thinking beyond your morning bowel movement.

    1. Why is it racist to go to a rally in support of The president of the United States. When you don’t know what you are talking about you throw out “racist”. Was it racist when BLM was looting and burning city after city? Oh I forget those were mostly peaceful protesters. What a crock!!!!

      1. Supporting Trump, a known racist is a racist act. And a rally based on a lie to overturn an American election. And look what happened. This guy needs to apologize or deal with less business in his stores.

      2. “Burning city after city” LMAO You’re being a bit dramatic. Don’t you think? I’m also saddened that you believe the summer BLM activities are equal to sacking the capital of the USA.

    2. I love Rouses but haven’t shopped there since I found out D.Rouse was attending the DC rally. Yes, it’s a free country, and we all have rights. We have the freedom to choose what we do with our time and our money.
      I don’t want my money to be spent, even somewhere I love to go with wonderful employees, when the profits benefit Donald Trump and people like him. A portion of what I spend at Rouses gave Mr. Rouse the money to fly to DC. I’m sure he donates money to Trumps efforts to disrupt our nation and a fair democratic process. The only power I have to effect change here is to not give him anymore of my money as it will ultimately empower him to harm others- even indirectly. Maybe D. Rouse has never thought deeply about how his own employees lives are impacted by the policies he apparently supports. It’s easier for wealthy folk to overlook what the rest of us have to deal with every day. For ‘normal’ people, it’s been a very tough 4 years. Hopefully, enough of us will stop shopping at Rouses to cause his family concern and motivate them and him to take a deeper look at what they’re supporting. I hope they’ll see that racism is bad business. Particularly for Rouses. The better off those of us on the bottom are, the greater ya’lls profits.
      I’d love to hear from other members of the Rouse family, or the stockholders about ways to educate themselves or others about the evils of white supremacy, racism in general, the beautiful diversity of New Orleans, as well as the rich culture of Louisiana and what we can do to preserve it. Until further notice, I’m heading to Breaux Mart.

  3. I will never spend one cent at Rouse’s. It was my major grocery store. They’re nowhere near as good as LeBlanc’s, and I didn’t have to worry about the LeBlanc family actively trying to overthrow the US government and engaging in sedition. . Maybe try to increase your maket share among the incels.

      1. Rouse’s completely acquired LeBlanc’s. There is no longer a LeBlanc’s Fraiche Market (I think that was their TM). Rouse’s got rid of some of LeBlanc’s product selection. Rouse’s prices were a tiny bit lower.

    1. LOLOL “actively trying to overthrow the US government”, which the Rouse family is most assuredly doing right now🤣🤣 idiot

  4. TRAITORS COVERING YOUR TRACKS! You support a racist fascist pig, and expect poc to spend their money in your stores?! I DONT THINK SO!
    trump supporters are the new KKK.

  5. We will always support and shop at Rouses because we appreciate your patriotism. Please pay no attention to the haters out there.

  6. Donald Rouse you must be a racist because that is all I saw at that rally. If not why where you there with those racist people? My mother always said show me your company and I tell you who you are. I will send this to all me family and friends. To let them know that Donald Rouse have been exposed for the racist you are. You people calls your self patriots. Everyone knew Donald Trump is a racist, liar and the worse president of the United States. Donald Rouse you have bought shame on the Rouse name.

    1. You’re an idiot. President Trump is not now or has he ever been a racist. He has proven time and time again that he is the best president this country has EVER had. You morons watch all that msm and you’re starting to believe the bs that they spew. If all of the leftists would have gotten out of his way, he could’ve gotten so much more done.

    2. Its funny for 6 months I watched BLM and white kids from Antifa destroy minority neighborhoods and businesses. None of my black people was appalled or angry seeing white kids destroying our neighborhood. That was terrorism, that was what the Klan was doing during Jim Crow. The democrats and republicans are playing you suckers like clowns. Who do you think will buy all the damaged properties they destroyed in the name of social justice? Think and stop being pawns in their game, but I know its too late for some of you fools. SMH

  7. Dear Rouses you just showed me I need to do all of my grocery shopping at your stores thanks for supporting our president of the United States of America in which we have free speech for now thanks again

  8. At it’s core the gathering was protesting a secure election – Mr. Rouse must obviously believe that the election was not valid. He has more explaining to do before I will shop there again.

    1. The election was not valid. The courts wouldn’t hear any of the evidence; just dismissed it. They don’t want to hear it. If they reviewed the evidence the Democratic party would be going to jail.

      1. John, stop listening to Fox News and read the court record for yourself. Court after court asked them to present EVIDENCE of what they were claiming. They did not produce one piece of evidence. Courts rely on facts, not made up allegations. I challenge you, John, to cite one piece of evidence of a stolen election and I promise you that you cannot. You will just repeat what the talking heads of right wing media tells you. Look for yourself John. You are being lied to and you won’t check things out because you want to BELIEVE the lies!!

        1. This is rich, you leftist accused Trump of Russian collusion for 3 years with no evidence and now your demanding proof of cheating in an election. All it took was one whistle blower and hearsay to impeach Trump yet hundreds of eyewitnesses and sworn affidavits isn’t enough to get courts to look at evidence.

      2. It’s not over. Have faith. It’s a free county last I heard. You can support anyone u want. The swamp is doing it’s cover ups. But the truth always comes out even if takes long time. A blink of
        Our eye is a lifetime according to the God!

      3. Wrong and wrong. The cases were soundlt rejected because there simply was zero proof-twice by SCOTUS btw. So…

    2. Yes you are right. We need to join together and overthrow racist people like Donald Rouses Sr. I, as well as my entire family will never set foot in a Rouses store again. I refuse to spend my money with any company that supports Donald Trump’s platform.

      1. Give me some pamphlets and I’ll stand out side their new store on Hwy in Covington and let people know that these owners are Domestic Terrorists

  9. None of what he did surprises me. In my opinion, Donald Rouse is a klansman. Rouses Enterprises and Donald Rouse discriminates against its black customers.

    1. Yes , they discriminated people of color….the black workers are so afraid to speak up for what is right….I was trying to to buy a product with tag priced, they wouldn’t sell it to me…said it was marked wrong, my caucasian friend came in and they sold it to her with no problem…

  10. I agree that his sniveling apology should include the lies he is supporting. I loved shopping there. Very convenient, nice staff, good produce and meats. No more.

  11. I have known for a long time that you supported the Republican Party and even though I support the Democratic Party, I continued to support Rouse’s Supermarkets for I respect other people’s beliefs as I would hope they would respect mine. However, I can not overlook your participation in this unruly mob action that was truly not patriotic and will not shop at your family’s stores. I guess the cloth Rouses grocery bags I have will have one last use as I burn them tonight to stay warm.

  12. I am putting Rouses Market on a 30 day suspension and will re-evaluate the situation at that time. Supporting the denial of legitimate votes is not being patriotic. In fact it’s the exactly the opposite. Weather you stormed the capital or just cheered Trump on, you were complicate in this attack on democracy. Shame on you.

    1. I like the 30-day idea. I don’t know what Rouses will have to do to convince me to shop there again, but I want them to try! The fact that he used the word “Patriots” in his post pretty much reveals his intentions in attending the rally, whether he actually went in or not. And there is a BIG difference between a patriot and a person who wants to overthrow his own government.

    1. If you are offended enough to stop shopping at a place that supports the president, and you knew of all the Trumpers that run/own businesses, you’ll have a very limited number of opportunities for shopping! People are a bunch of “ninnies” nowadays!

  13. So Mr. Rouse attends a public rally in D.C. in support of our president and now he is a racist and wants to overthrow the government? Wow. I will continue to shop at Rouse’s and support everyone to have freedom of speech and political opinions whether or not they agree with mine.

    1. He attended a rally along with the so-called Proud Boys, neo Nazis, KKK, and a “gentleman” sporting a “Camp Auschwitz” hoodie. Mr. Rouse felt aggrieved because black people were a determining factor in several states. Like the KKK and the White League of the 1860s and 1870s, Mr. Rouse repeated the big lie that there is voter fraud. He travelled from Louisiana to DC not for a fun vacation, but to mix and mingle with the Proud Boys, the KKK, the neonazis, etc. He wallowed in the pig stye and now wants to proclaim he smells good.

      1. Free country where anyone can make my their own choice. How would you feel if you owned a store and I went against you because you made your personal choice? That is call communism, dictatorship, pure ignorance, partiality and bullying!!! How about the riots, destruction, stealing, killing and hurting police officers for the fault of the few rotten apples among the majority that protect our lives. Destroying and rioting. Is that ok? Both are wrong in the eyes of God! Do your research please! KKK was founded by the Democrats. Biden made racial comments but, I guess to you is ok. He does not care for minorities. He is just a puppet for the Globalist! While he and his son fill their pockets with money! Soon King Jesus will take over. He will destroy all governments and their followers! He is the rightful ruler.

  14. These people who are condemning you for attending the Trump rally in Washington, DC are NUTS!!!! You have a right to support anyone you want. I commend your patriotism and my family, friends and I will continue to shop at Rouse’s. Don’t succumb to the liberal bullies!!!!

  15. I’ll never spend one copper cent there ever. I live in Gonzales. Rouse’s was my go-to grocery…..but not no more.

  16. Here’s a modest proposal: Boycott Rouses until he does the following:
    1) Affirm that the presidential elections were free and fair
    2) Acknowledge that Trump incited the mob and call for his resignation/impeachment
    3) personally divest from the Rouses company
    4) donate a million dollars to the Lousiana Democratic Party earmarked for the 2022 campaign to unseat John Kennedy, who failed to execute his constitutional duty and count the electoral college votes certified by the states.
    Then we can all return to Rouses in good faith for the king cakes, crawfish, etc.

  17. We will still support your great company
    Thank you for supporting our President
    We love him to and are extremely upset Ofer the outcome

  18. We will still support your great company
    Thank you for supporting our President
    We love him to and are extremely upset over the outcome
    We will miss our President and First Lady

  19. Really? He supported an insurrection of the values that we as Americans hold dear to the Constitution. He was there. He was proudly there. Is there no where else for you to shop? Good heavens. How on earth can you support someone who doesn’t support our democratic values? How you can honestly with a good conscience say “this is the way to go.” A Capital Officer died doing his job. Can you say “Thank you for your service.” And then, tell his family, “oops sorry he had to die.” Shameful. You should be ashamed.

  20. First, let me say that I totally disagree with Donald Rouse, Sr and his support of the president. He is misguided and his actions reflected on his family’s business. That’s on him.

    I have no problem with people boycotting Rouses and support their decisions. Rouse’s is not a New Orleans based business. Although they have a big presence in the Greater New Orleans area, a boycott by New Orleanians will probably mean nothing to them.

    Let’s think about the Rouse’s employees (many people of color) who cannot afford to leave their jobs. Maybe we can demand better wages and benefits for those employees and put that pressure on the Rouse’s family.

    Just a thought.

    1. Excellent points. Help those employed by this employer to obtain better pay and working conditions, if Mr. Rouse is sincere in his expression of regret and desire to do what is best for this country and its people.

  21. Anyone with half a brain knew this event was going to turn ugly and get out of hand. On December 19 Trump began inviting his followers to DC with the promise of a “wild” party and a “fight”. Over time Trump became more desperate and more aggressive with his rhetoric especially when even his three supreme count appointments would not listen to his election claims. When Trump told his followers on his Jan. 6 speech to march up Penn Ave to the Capital, he and the people in the crowd knew the objective. That objective was to stop Congress at all cost. In the end they did as they were told. Anyone that breached the outer barriers to the Capital as Rouse and Gatler did, only believe the “rule of law” is applicable to other people and are certainly are no better than any of the Black Lives Matter rioters. As far as fraud, click It is pretty funny.

  22. You really tarnished your family name, supporting this white supremacist who incited his followers to overthrow our government and desecrate our Capitol. You knew what was going on. Shame on you.

  23. Most White people from Louisiana support trump. We has a lot of work to do to turn Louisiana and Texas Blue. We just need help like Stacy in Atlanta.

  24. He went to DC to mix and mingle with Proud Boys, III percenters, Oath Keepers, Nazis, the KKK and a man wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” hoodie. Now he want to claim he’s innocent.

  25. Rouse’s was a nice grocery to try. Lately their sausages had too much bone bits, even though I liked the flavor. Even ventured into their in house brand stuff like olive oil and pasta.
    B U T
    It’s easy to stick to my lifelong grocery that is all shiny new! Zuppardo’s has employees that have been there forever. Everyone in the store is very friendly. Some are faces I’ve seen over 55 years. Started with the store on Elysian Fields and Gentilly Blvd. Soooo easy to stick with them.

  26. It saddens me to have to boycott Rouses because of the ethics of the business owner. It’s America and he has every right to show his political views and support who he wants, but it’s a dangerous thing. I’m also a local business owner and I have a golden rule that I won’t publicly show my support for any political figures or policies unless it’s with my friends and family. I’m disturbed that Mr. Rouse would be so bold as to make this statement. Obviously it’s a hot bed issue (to say the least) and this effects 1000’s of Rouse’ employees as boycotts of the stores begin. I’ll boycott the stores just for the stupidity of this man to leave so many of his workers jobs vulnerable.

    1. This company is a disgrace and doesn’t care about the community and common people. They wanted to donate 1 case of water for a community event to help at risk youth. A case of water would cost them about $.99. Please boycott them!!!!

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