Hagan-Lafitte Drainage project is nearing completion

Crews are laying more than 7 inches of finished concrete as the contractors move toward the substantial completion of the cutting-edge Hagan-Lafitte Drainage Project, according to the Department of Public Works.

The construction company, Command Construction Industries, is laying more than 7 inches of finished concrete and is also working to level and sod Easton Park, in order to integrate the playground back into the community. The square park is now home to a 1.3 million gallon underground water storage facility.

The project is scheduled to be completed this winter, weather permitting, a Dec. 15 update on roadwork.NOLA.gov states.

The $7.1 million Hagan-Lafitte project is a “gray-green” infrastructure project that features upsized drainage, urban bioswales and a huge water storage facility located underneath Easton Park. It began in late 2018.

The city financed the flood-control project through funding from FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

The project targets the 33-acre site from Lafitte Greenway to Orleans Avenue and from Bayou St. John to Broad Street. It’s comprised of Easton Park and 23 blocks of residential and commercial properties and includes the St. Louis Canal along the Greenway.

In addition to underground storage at Easton Park, the scope of work calls for new utilities and pipes, new pavement and new landscaping in rain gardens along St. Peter, Toulouse, North Rendon, North Lopez, North Gayoso and North White streets.

The goals for the project include:

• Increasing drainage to reduce flooding;
• Utilizing green infrastructure to slow, retain and absorb storm water;
• Beautifying with green areas;
• Replenishing groundwater; and
• Storing rainwater underground.

View the pre-construction public meeting presentation here.

For more information about this project and other upcoming work, please visit Roadwork.nola.gov or call 504-658-ROAD (7623).

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