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Sidney Torres buys up property on Tulane and Carrollton, The Times-Picayune-New Orleans Advocate reports

Real estate developer Sidney Torres IV, who has been amassing properties in Mid-City, has purchased nearly half of a block at Tulane and South Carrollton avenues and plans to redevelop the crime-ridden corridor, according to Tony McAuley of

Plans for the properties on the lake-uptown corner that once held the Pelican baseball stadium, owned by Memphis-based Absolute Storage Management for the past six years, include a drive-thru chicken restaurant where a Burger King once operated.

10 Replies to “Sidney Torres buys up property on Tulane and Carrollton, The Times-Picayune-New Orleans Advocate reports

  1. Like this is going to be any different from his previous “developments”! Look at his Bahama “eco” resort –he sold it a “perfect partner” –I recall reading despite the money he spent it was 1/2 finished. Then there is the property that now houses the “OH-SO-LOVELY” MASSIVE Lumia apt. complex courtesy of Edwards Development. Remember his initial appeal to the City & neighbors to purchase this property (at a lowcost?)? He was going to turn it into an “Alys Beach” style community. We were actually excited about buying in this development. Instead, he “partnered” with a company who is all but reviled around the country for their hideously cheap building designs and subsequent neglectful & indifferent management (google Edwards dev.)t. So what’s going to happen is he’ll get some sort of property tax credit/break since its an area turn around and sell it to the highest bidder. They’ll make out like bandits and we’ll get stuck w more property taxes on OUR backs.

    1. What do you know about his Bahamas resort? He sure as hell did finish it. He put 25million into developing that piece of rock and sold it only when offered a great price. Whomever u are I dont care what you own everything is for sale!! Sid also kept a piece for himself and built a home there and put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the exterior to make it beautiful giving jobs to many unemployed bahamian. He spent close to 16 million for the midcityparcel and even if he does sell he will put many more millions into it before just as he did circle food store. You have no idea his plans so shut the f up

  2. How about a Taco Bell or something on that note. I wanted to purchase a friend a Taco Bell gift card and had to change course. Due to only one 1 know in the uptown area @ S.Claiborne and Washington. Chicken is everywhere in N.O.

  3. I moved out New Orleans in 2007 to an area above sea level. I would not invest in a high crime area. New Orleans is going further downward every decade. Safe areas are now becoming unsafe and will continue to be as such. Christmas season is an example, car jackings, home invasions. Anything to get free Christmas gifts. I’ve heard from some it is ok to take from others because it is their right to take what others have. The killings will continue and your leaders sit and do nothing because the monsters they created cannot be controlled. Good luck. You will need it. I know I will get hate mail for telling the truth. Someone has to say the truth.

  4. Not mad at the Mr Torres for trying to develop something not in commerce, but instead of trying develop just the properties, how about trying to develop the people from that neighborhood …..and I dont mean one of these rich black families that only prey upon their own people with questionable business practices like pimps In poorhouse and I promise you there is a lot of them. Give someone a chance to come into a business and possibly grow it. I could go on and on about this but I had to get this off my chest.

  5. What about the kids? All of the nicer places are in Metairie, Kenner and the West Bank. We need some more attractions out here for the CHILDREN. They are bored out here and need more things to do other than commit crimes. Not saying this responsibility is being distilled on Sidney, but here is a thought.

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