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Extensive Mid-City roadwork at halfway point; $2 million added to project for more construction

The city is about halfway through roadwork project that has been tearing up streets across Mid-City since July, Sarah Porteous, who manages the RoadWorkNOLA site, told the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization on Monday.

The city added another $2 million worth of work to the project, now expected to be complete in spring of 2021. The Mid-City Group A project was originally projected to be completed by the end of this year.

“Basically, what the project manager and the construction manager are doing, they’re walking the various blocks where they’re doing work, and if they see sidewalk trip hazards or breakage or something like that, it’s being incorporated into the project,” Porteous said.

By the end of March, weather permitting, Porteous said, the roadway in the following areas will be paved with base course and driveable:

  • 100 and 300 blocks of South Clark Street
  • 4400 block of Conti
  • Intersection of Conti and North Solomon streets
  • 3500 block of Cleveland Avenue
  • 100 S. Genois Street
  • 100 North Murat Street
  • 300 North Olympia Street
  • 3400, 3700 and 4000 blocks of Palmyra Street
  • 100 and 200 blocks of South Solomon Street
  • 3500 and 4200 blocks of Toulouse Street

After the base course is down, barricades and cones will be removed from these streets to allow for easier maneuvering. But streets with the base course only will lower than they were before the work. Another crew, she said, will put down the top layer of asphalt or concrete.

Roadways in these areas are expected to be completed in May, according to information on the RoadWorks site.   

A resident of the 200 block of South Murat Street asked about the final resurfacing. She said her street was repaved in asphalt, with no curbs. “I was wondering why, because around the corner on Palmyra it is all concrete, and it’s beautiful,” she said. “Why would you have one street concrete and the other one not?”

The general policy is to repave streets with their original material, Porteous said. “Generally, if it was a concrete street before, what they are putting back is a concrete street,” she said, adding that she would look into adding the curbs to South Murat.

Mid-City residents at the membership meeting on Monday also described additional areas where work is still unfinished.

“There seem to be significant areas that look like no man’s land,” one MCNO member said. “There’s no more orange cones, there’s no more tape, there’s no more markers — nothing. And the work is obviously not done.”

Porteous advised reporting such problems by calling 504-658-ROAD (7623) during business hours or sending an email to Another member described a water main problem that did not get fixed until MCNO President Chris Blum posted it on Twitter and Facebook.

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