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Sidney Torres IV named Mid-City Person of the Year by business association

The Greater Mid-City Business Association announced today it will award the 2019 Mid-City Business of the Year to Mark’s Mid-City Service Station and the 2019 Mid-City Person of the Year to Sidney D. Torres IV.

The awards will be presented at the fourth annual State of Mid-City Luncheon, to be held Tuesday, June 25, at The Cannery.

Mark’s Mid-City Service Station is a family  business. (via GMCBA)

Mark’s Mid-City Service Station, a family-owned and -operated car repair shop at South Carrollton Avenue and Banks Street, has served the Mid-City neighborhood for 26 years.

In a press release, the Greater Mid-City Business Association states: “Mark Boudreaux, owner, grew up in the same neighborhood that he still services to this day. Mark has been very active in supporting neighborhood activities.”

Though long associated with the French Quarter and Marigny, entrepreneur Sidney D. Torres IV invested in a large tract of undeveloped land along the Lafitte Greenway in 2015 with plans for mixed-use development. That tract includes the Edwards Communities complex and the Wrong Iron beer garden.

Sidney Torres IV (via GMCBA)

“Sidney D. Torres IV continues to be a major investor in Mid-City real estate and businesses,” the GMCBA states in the press release. His IV Waste company is headquartered on Pierce Street near Tulane Avenue, and he purchased DMac’s, a music venue on Jefferson Davis Parkway, in 2018.

“His holdings of large tracts of vacant land in our neighborhood promise first-class developments and amenities to enhance our community,” the business association states.

Boudreaux and Torres will be honored for their contributions to the Mid-City economy and quality of life at the annual event.

The State of Mid-City event will also feature Councilmen Joe Giarrusso and Jay Banks and other city leaders as guest speakers. The event provides a networking opportunity with the more than 50 local business owners and association members.

The GMCBA was formed in 2012 to ensure the needs and opinions of Mid-City business owners are represented at the city and state level.

The luncheon will be held from 11:30 to 1 p.m. on June 25 at The Cannery, 3803 Toulouse St. Tickets are $25. To purchase tickets, visit

For more information and updates, visit the event Facebook page.

This report was updated to correct the date Torres purchased DMac’s bar.

4 Replies to “Sidney Torres IV named Mid-City Person of the Year by business association

  1. Some disaster profiteer comes to Mid-City via St Bernard, The French Quarter and basic cable and opens a beer garden no one from the neighborhood goes to and he’s the Mid-City person of the year?

    Give me a break.

    1. I witness what Sidney does and he’s leaving this city a better place than he found it. He helps so many people in this city who want to make a difference. This is a guy you can walk up to on the street and he wants to help any way he can. I randomly met Sidney one day wanting advice on real estate and he’s allowed me to make my dreams into reality by actually lending me money to fix up blighted houses. We’ve done 5 deals where houses were abandoned and falling apart and we’ve brought them back to life.

      What Sidney has done with Wrong Iron is bring to life a blighted area that otherwise was doing the city no good. This place has brought so many people together already and created great memories. He does things right and he’ll leave New Orleans a better place than he found it for sure.

    2. Mr. Marx, I am sure you would prefer “a Long Islander,” who holds Happy Hour at 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Broad St. to have received the award. Talk about disaster profiteers….Amen and Congratulations Mr. Torres.

  2. Sidney, Congrats on your award —
    As I mentioned earlier “best for best”
    Thank you for the love you show for our city—

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