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Blue Bikes adds four Mid-City access spots

There are 17 stations in and around Mid-City, including this one on North Galvez Street and Lafitte Avenue (Claire Byun/cbyun@nolamessenger.com).

Blue Bikes, New Orleans’ citywide bike rental program, has expanded its Mid-City offerings past Baudin Street to the Pontchartrain Expressway.

Riders can now venture to several spots in the Tulane-Banks area, including The Drifter Hotel, Treo, Three Palms Bar and Grill and Twelve Mile Limit. Riders can access any of those four locations and pay a $1 out-of-hub fee, rather than a $25 out-of-system fee.

Riders can find freestanding bikes (outside of a hub) or a station using the Blue Bikes app or website.

Here are the other bike share station locations and number of bike parking stations in or near Mid-City:

  • Carrollton & Lafitte Greenway, 401 N. Carrollton Ave., 20 bikes
  • Jefferson Davis & Lafitte Greenway, 3400 Conti St., New Orleans, 20
  • Sojourner Truth Center, 598 Galvez St., 25
  • Lafitte & Roman, 602 N Roman St., 20
  • Broad & Bienville, 2699 Bienville St., 20
  • Broad & Banks, 637 Banks St., 14
  • Broad & Ursulines, 2716 Ursulines Ave., 20
  • Bayou & Broad, 2564 Bayou Rd., 14
  • University Medical Center – VA, 2200 Canal St., 14
  • LSU Health Sciences Center, 499 Bolivar St., 20
  • Orleans & Miro, 2301 Orleans Ave.,  14
  • Esplanade & Derbigny, 1624 Esplanade Ave., 14
  • Galvez & Esplanade, 1362 N Galvez St., 20
  • Esplanade & Desoto, 2790 Desoto St., 14
  • Esplanade & Ponce de Leon, 3201 Ponce de Leon St., 14
  • City Park – Esplanade, 3494 Esplanade Ave., 20
  • City Park – Casino Building, 56 Dreyfous Dr., 20

Station locations were chosen as results of community workshops and online polling done by the City, according to reports. The bike share system, entitled “Blue Bikes”, is a partnership between the City of New Orleans, Social Bicycles, Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, which is the system’s title sponsor.

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  1. This is nice, but I wish there were something by banks st bar, the cemeteries, or the yatch club. If we want to use the Blue Bike service in my neighborhood we still have to walk a long way before we get home. It makes it not practical 🙁

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