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Neyow’s Creole Café to expand next door on Bienville

(photo via Google)
(photo via Google)

Neyow’s Creole Café will soon relocate and expand right next door from it’s current location on Bienville Street.

Owner Timothy DuBuclet leases the building the restaurant is in, he said in a meeting before the city’s demolition committee Monday. He wants to demolish the two buildings next to it, 3300 and 3336 Bienville Street, in order to expand.

DuBuclet said construction will only take three months after demolition.

The Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee gave a 7-1 vote of approval for the two demolitions at their meeting Monday afternoon.

11 Replies to “Neyow’s Creole Café to expand next door on Bienville

  1. This place is dirty and grose. If they dump their mop water on the side walk just imagine what is happening in the kitchen.

  2. So they are demolishing the two buildings to the left of Neyows? That’s a shame. Too many historic buildings have already been demolished on that block and the thought that they are building a new building and likely parking lot in its place is a greater shame. That new building Neyow’s built across the street a few years ago is horrendous, hopefully that architectural shame is not reproduced.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It seems to me you are opposed to progress. I think the building has improved my neighborhood. I’ve lived in this neighborhood 20 yrs, those buildings are not historical structures. Do your homework and call 1-800-HATERS!

  3. So the NCDAC gives a 7-1 vote in FAVOR of demolishing two OCCUPIED structures on a major street ? What gives ? I was hung by the short hairs trying to demolish our property at 520/522 S. Jeff Davis Parkway to add to very much needed parking for our tenants. Even already owning about half the block commercial, Cantrel and company made it clear that the neighborhood was residential and our demolition would not be allow for a structure that has been vacant for almost 12 years.

    Realize the millions that were spent by my family to renovate Tulane Ave before it became chic to do so. Anyone remember what the 3300 odd block of Tulane ave looked like before our renovation ? But for a hole on the corner cafe, rip down whatever you need and move on.

    A signed petition from approx 60 close neighbors our property had no objection to demolition and increased parking.

    Yet I sit back in disbelief and look at what gets done quietly under the table.

    Where the hell is the MCNO on this? These two houses on Bienville set for demolition are occupied, where ours is vacant for well over a decade.

    At the MCNO meeting Monday night we get notice of another structure on Jeff Davis to be torn down for parking for the Baptist church renovation. Is that house not also historic ?

    Our tenants provide full time well paying jobs with benefits that I seriously doubt the cafe could ever touch or offer to their staff.

    I am sure not going to sit back and watch the capricious and arbitrary destruction of the “historic” structure to benefit the chosen few.

  4. So I guess it’s ok to tear down 2 occupied buildings over on that corner AND the occupied building behind Entergy on S. Jeff Davis Parkway but I cannot tear down my garbage building for parking ?

    Where is the MCNO board on this ?

    My previous comment has been deleted

  5. The building at 3332 Bienville was my father’s barber shop for 24 years. Before that it was Talbot’s barber shop. Dad use to cut the hair of older men, mostly WW2 and Korean war vets, some who use to sit in there, drink a beer and shoot the bull. I spent the day there one summer. That’s my memory of that location. All things must change but it’s a shame to see another part of my past disappear.

    Kirt G

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