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Tulane Avenue Streetscape project kicks off

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(Photo courtesy of the Federal Highway Administration, DOTD and the Regional Planning Commission)


Construction for the Tulane Avenue Streetscape project, a renovation set to widen the street and bring safety improvements along the corridor, officially began earlier this month.

The $4.8 million project, which began Sept. 14, stretches along 2.25 miles of Tulane Avenue from Claiborne Avenue to Carrollton Avenue, according to the Department of Transportation and Development.

The work will reduce the road from six narrow lanes to four lanes with increased width. The project includes added bike lanes and wider medians, to better accommodate left turns.

The street will also get far-side bus stops with designated bays, bump-outs, pedestrian signals and other amenities, according to the project’s Final Environmental Assessment Report, issued in April 2014.

The City of New Orleans, the Department of Transportation and Development, the Regional Planning Commission and the Federal Highway Administration are responsible for the project.

According to Bambi Hall, a spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation and Development, the project came after a study to review what enhancements were needed for the area, given the “number of new developments planned along Tulane Avenue.”

The study determined the improvements needed “to enhance the quality of life, livability, and sustainability of the area,” Hall said.

Hall said the work will include cold plane asphalt and paving, curb and side walk repairs, reflectors, landscaping, and improved manholes and catch basins.

“The long-term economic vitality of the surrounding neighborhood would likely benefit from the corridor improvements,” she said.

Barber Brothers Contracting Co, L.L.C. is working on the project and is expected to be finished by early 2016.

5 Replies to “Tulane Avenue Streetscape project kicks off

    1. That would probably eliminate much of the “rework”awarded to contractors and thus cutting into politican’s “bribe” money.

  1. DOWNTOWN Tulane’s streets have NO stipes to designate lanes. Its very dangerous to drive –particularly by the Tulane and Charity Bldg.
    I hope they address that quickly.

    Of course Tulane will be shut down so I guess that makes the point moot but it is pathetic that for all the taxes we pay the city can’t even put stripes to define lanes. It would be interesting to see how many car accidents have occurred due to this negligence on the city’s part.

  2. Are there any stormwater features in this plan, like pervious paving in the parking lanes…or throughout the corridor? Are overhead utility lines being buried to avoid wind damage and storm interruptions? If not this is a huge missed opportunity.

  3. I hope they plant trees large & shady enough to hide the brothels, motels of prostitution, blighted buildings, & empty lots with busted concrete foundations. The city needs to close down those flea bag hotels like Jefferson Parish did with the ones on Airline. If you close them down, crime, drugs, & prostitution would be curbed. The neighborhoods between Canal & Tulane could finally reach their full potential as beautiful historic neighborhoods. The hospitals, off-campus medical facilities, & restaurants would flourish on the newly landscaped avenue and life would get much much better. GET RID OF THE HOTELS/PROSTITUTION/HUMAN SLAVERY/DRUG DEALERS/CRIME!

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