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Warren Easton’s after school supper program impacting student lives

Warren Easton High School (midcitymessenger.com file photo)
Warren Easton High School (midcitymessenger.com file photo)

The newly implemented after school supper program at Warren Easton Charter High School has impacted many students, school officials say.

The school started an after school supper program towards the end of January and has been serving about 150-200 meals to students, according to Regina Wilkins, board member and fund developer.

Wilkins invited football Coach Tony Hull to the school’s board meeting last night to talk about how the program has impacted some of the football players.

According to Hull, the football team is served after practice and workouts instead of immediately after school since the players did not have enough time to be served before heading to workout.

Hull said that the program has prevented students from being hungry when they go home and has prevented them from eating unhealthy foods.

“What we found with this program is that if kids didn’t eat these after school meals they probably would not eat or eat some type of trash when they go home, you know chips or something,” Hull said.

Hull said that he noticed students that would come back for a second or third meal and he pulled them aside to as what they would usually eat at home.

He some students would reply by saying a ” bag of chips” or “a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” He added that he has seen “tremendous development and growth” in his players.

“We’re talking about some kids have gained 25-30 pounds and that’s no over exaggeration,” Hull said.

The program has served about 65-80 students who are on the football team.

According to Principal Alexina Medley, Warren Easton is the first and only school in the area to have this type of program.

The school implemented the program with money from grants from Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry, national non-profits dedicated to ending child hunger.

“We have so many programs here that sometimes you don’t see touch a life but this has touched so many lives, directly touched so many lives,” Hull said. “We’re just grateful for it.”

2 Replies to “Warren Easton’s after school supper program impacting student lives

  1. It is awe inspiring when school leaders recognize and address real barriers that our youth face in achieving their educational and extra-curricula goals. Hats off to the Board, Leadership and Staff at Warren Easton for recognizing and addressing this need!

  2. Not the only school in the area offering a dinner program. ENCORE Academy is offering a free dinner program to students as well.

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