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Two new restaurants to ask City Planning Commission for alcohol sales

The Fat Falafel food truck outside its brick-and-mortar incarnation, 1000 Figs on Ponce De Leon. (image via
The building that will house Melt on Banks Street. (image via Google maps)

Two new Mid-City restaurants, “Melt” and “1000 Figs,” are both requesting permission to sell alcohol from the City Planning Commission this week.

Melt, located at 2549 Banks Street, is a new restaurant slated for the area that was recently approved by City Council. The restaurant will specialize in serving grilled cheese sandwiches with specialty cheeses and breads.

In February, Thomas Robichaux, former Orleans Parish School Board president and currently attorney at Geocor Properties, LLC, said that the company bought the building and were leasing it to Miles Tuly and Casey Biehl, owners of the new restaurant.

The City Planning Commission review staff recommends approval of this week’s request stating in government documents that, “Alcoholic beverage service for consumption on premises shall only be in combination with food services.”

1000 Figs, a Middle-Eastern cuisine restaurant located at 3141 Ponce de Leon St. just off Esplanade Avenue, also has an approval recommendation from the review staff for the sale of alcohol.

The restaurant shares a building with a wine shop, Swirl Wine Bar & Market, located right next door. Although they are so close, the two are separately operating businesses and 1000 Figs will have different requirements from the wine shop, the documents stated. For example, the only alcoholic beverages that can be sold by the restaurant are wine, beer, and sake.

The City Planning Commission meets at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street. It will vote on each request by the restaurants, and forward its recommendations to the full New Orleans City Council.

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