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Friends of Lafitte look to partner with Mid-City Security District to supply security cameras in Lafitte Greenway

Lafitte Greenway Master Plan

Members of Friends of Lafitte Corridor, a non-profit organization and visionary of the new Lafitte Greenway, want to work with the Mid-City Security District to address security concerns in the park.

The 2.6-mile corridor stretches through Mid-City, and the Treme, ending in the French Quarter.

Annalisa Kelly, chair of Friends of Lafitte Corridor, said that organizers have begun to raise funds to partner with the Mid City Security District for security cameras and bicycle patrol.

“It would be a great opportunity to partner with you all,” Kelly said at the meeting.

Jim Olsen, chairman of MCSD, said that the he met with the security district council a few days ago to discuss the security cameras. Olsen mentioned that since the Greenway is city property, the security district must obtain a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement.

“In order for us to provide cameras, what we need to do is enter into an agreement not so much with Lafitte Greenway management but with the city itself,” Olsen said.

According to Olsen, even though the cameras would only be on private property, the city must be in agreement.

“We can do it but there’s legal issues,” Olsen said.

He added that the bicycles would only be able to be used in the Mid-City Security District area.

Olsen said that he would meet with First District Commander Otha Sandifer and Third District Commander Gary Marchese to discuss possibly putting officers on patrol in the Greenway, but that the Security District could only add supplemental security officers to the area.

“If the city provides it we can add to it, if they don’t provide it, we can’t add something to it that isn’t there,” Olsen said.

Collin Ash of Friends of Lafitte Corridor said that he did a rough survey of the Greenway and found about 90 properties that are in the Mid City Security District. He also surveyed which properties could potentially host the security cameras.

“About half have obstructive views and are not really options. Another 30 are maybe’s and another 20 are good possibilities,” Ash said.

According to Kelly, the Greenway is set to open in the spring, but the “unofficial word” is that it will be closer to June.

“We just want to make sure that everything that we can do is taken care of, in terms of security, in advance of the opening,” Kelly said.

Olsen told Kelly that if it’s logistically feasible, MCSD would be happy to help with the project.

“We are more than willing to work with you on it and commit some funds to it, it’s just how do the handle the logistics of it all,” Olsen said.

Clarification: Previously, this article said that the Friends of Lafitte Corridor submitted a proposal to the city to be program manager of the Greenway. The city is not taking proposals at this time.

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