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Advertiser’s Message: NOLA Aikido – Meditation in Motion

The word “Aikido” is a Japanese term that translates as “practice of a way of harmonizing energy”. It is a kind of self-defense in which we never meet force with force. Instead, we use the power of the attack to lead the attacker into a throw or a pin. Aikido practice also leads to feeling good, both physically and mentally. Through practice, coordination exercises, and breathing exercises, we increase our level of fitness, concentration, flexibility, strength, and balance.

Aikido teaches us to be more stable, more grounded, more centered, calmer, and more in control of our impulses. What makes Aikido special is that this is a martial art, a means of self-defense and an art of peace. It is not about defeating an opponent or winning and losing. It is about creatively solving conflict. We truly feel that it is such an adaptable art that anyone can safely and effectively practice it, develop through it, evolve with it.

The beauty of practicing Aikido is that the work we do on the mat also helps train our minds and bodies to react differently to conflict. As we learn how to respond to attacks coming at us from various angles, we learn to respond by first changing ourselves in relation to the attacker. Effectively, Aikido practitioners learn how to redirect the focus of the attack so that nobody gets harmed. Instead of a conflict escalating, the dynamic is changed.

What’s most important is that we learn to be sincere, relaxed, present, and comfortable in your own skin and body.  We instill habits of stillness and clear movement, of deeply efficient use of body and mind, principles of harmony and concentration, and effortless awareness.

NOLA Aikido: A Martial Art of Peace for Every Body.
All are welcome! Offering Classes for Adults and Children 6 Days a Week
 3909 Bienville Street, Suite 103
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119 USA
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