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Mid-City Market vendors outfitting spaces, first business to open in two weeks

Mid-City Market
Residents can expect the first business to open in just two weeks, as Mid-City Market vendors put the finishing touches on their spaces.

Pizza Hut is expected to open June 17, according to Jordi Goodman, development associate for Stirling Properties.

Mid-City Market, St. Louis Street
Stirling Properties began turning over spaces in the Carrollton Avenue development during April and continued through May. All tenants now have access to their spaces except Winn Dixie, which Goodman said will happen the final week of June.

Winn Dixie’s 53,000-square-foot store will anchor the center. Other businesses include Pei Wei Asian Dinner, Jefferson Feed, Felipe’s, Pinkberry, Office Depot, LA Nails, Panera, an Ochsner clinic, and Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Goodman said his company negotiating with prospective tenants. There are three spaces that are not yet leased.

On Monday crews were putting final touches on the building exteriors.

Goodman said there will be a grand opening for the entire center in late July.

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  1. Thank gawd Pizza Hut is opening. If there is one thing this part of the city is in desperate need of it’s a pizza joint. On another note, maybe Sprint would like to open up a store. I’m tired of going to Jefferson Parish!

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