Apr 172017

Photo by Bart Everson

Did you notice the new stripes where the Jeff Davis bike path crosses Tulane Avenue? Kind of hard to miss, actually. And that’s a good thing. According to a friend of mine who knows about such things:

This is pretty major because LaDOTD doesn’t consider the high visibility variety of crosswalk their standard. Rather two horizontal stripes 6 feet apart is their norm.

Two stripes six feet apart? That sounds familiar. Ah yes. Here’s a photo of the same crossing eight years ago.

Photo by Bart Everson

As I noted at the time, it took a lot of cajoling and wheedling to get those stripes.

The new ones are a big improvement, in my opinion.

Bart Everson is a writer, a photographer, a baker of bread, a husband, a father and a resident of Mid-City. He is a founding member of the Green Party of Louisiana, past president of Friends of Lafitte Greenway, and a participant in New Orleans Lamplight Circle. More at BartEverson.com.