Apr 172017

Photo by Bart Everson

Did you notice the new stripes where the Jeff Davis bike path crosses Tulane Avenue? Kind of hard to miss, actually. And that’s a good thing. According to a friend of mine who knows about such things:

This is pretty major because LaDOTD doesn’t consider the high visibility variety of crosswalk their standard. Rather two horizontal stripes 6 feet apart is their norm.

Two stripes six feet apart? That sounds familiar. Ah yes. Here’s a photo of the same crossing eight years ago.

Photo by Bart Everson

As I noted at the time, it took a lot of cajoling and wheedling to get those stripes.

The new ones are a big improvement, in my opinion.

Bart Everson is a writer, a photographer, a baker of bread, a husband, a father and a resident of Mid-City. He is a founding member of the Green Party of Louisiana, past president of Friends of Lafitte Greenway, and a participant in New Orleans Lamplight Circle. More at BartEverson.com.

Apr 102017

Forget about those confederate monuments for just a moment. If you really want to generate some controversy in New Orleans, try talking about directions.

Case in point: the new Equity Circle installation down on Jeff Davis Parkway.


Equity Circle is the newest installation on the neutral ground of Jeff Davis Parkway.

You may have seen this when passing by recently. It was constructed toward the end of last year and officially dedicated in December. It’s kind of low profile, so you really have to get out of your car to appreciate it.

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