Mar 272017

bart-everson-headshot-2013If you’re looking to justify your gloomy worldview, there’s plenty of material at hand.

Some look to the malfeasance of the rich and powerful. Others point to shocking acts of violence in our own community.

Me? I prefer glass.

Such responsible citizens!

I’ve written before about glass recycling and the challenges it presents. Yet that was a essentially hopeful moment, inspired by the re-launch of a glass dropoff program at the ReFresh Project on Broad. Alas, the moment has passed.

I participated happily over the past six months or so, hauling our empty bottles with me when I made groceries, and dutifully placing them in the dumpster. And I felt good about that.

Full of Glass

Clearly I wasn’t alone. I noted the dumpster was often near to overflowing. Sometimes I even had to keep the glass in the trunk because there wasn’t any room for it.

Now it seems that program has been discontinued, and I find myself dispirited — but not for the simple reason you might think. Continue reading »