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  1. I just received this today from VCPORA it should be send out

    A L E R T


    Wednesday, December 17 at 2 pm
    City Council Chambers

    The City Council’s Community Development Committee, chaired by Council Member Latoya Cantrell, has just announced that it will be taking up the issue of illegal short-term rentals on Wednesday.

    We in the French Quarter know firsthand the corrosive effects of turning homes into hotels, and now the practice has spread throughout the city, affecting Marigny, Bywater, Treme, Mid-City, Carrollton, Uptown, Gentilly and beyond.

    The City Council needs to understand how illegal short-term rentals:

    • convert residential properties into commercial operations

    • replace residents – and voters – with transient visitors,

    – disrupt neighborhoods and intrude on the lives of actual residents

    • skews housing prices, making areas less affordable

    • remove eyes and ears from the neighborhoods, which affects security

  2. I am a public health professor and study the impact of noise on health. Please put me in touch with the right people who will help us enforce extremely loud noise on the Bayou. This weekend I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful weather because of the Gospel Fest. The decibel level was unhealthy. I like Gospel, too. Even the Bayou Boogaloo is not this loud. Look forward to hearing from you and how we can all enjoy the Bayou!
    Kathleen Welch, PhD

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