Jun 152017

Councilmember Susan Guidry addresses the crowd Tuesday during a Master Plan Town Hall.

The New Orleans 20-year Master Plan is up for revision, and public greenspaces and housing affordability are some of the key revisions local groups are hoping to enact.

Most of those amendments deal with the changing priorities of the city; stormwater drainage, equitable housing and resilience encompass many of the changes to be considered by City Council next month. Councilmember Susan Guidry, who represents a swath of Mid-City, held a town hall earlier this week to explain what these amendments mean for residents and gave people the chance to ask questions of policy experts. Continue reading »

Jun 122017

“Avian Avatars – The Tourist” is among the sculptures on Poydras Street funded by the Helis Foundation. (image via thehelisfoundation.org)

New Orleans city officials want to connect the Lafitte Greenway through downtown along Poydras Street, and a private foundation has promised to extend its eye-catching sculpture exhibition along the new segment. Continue reading »

Jun 122017

Photo by Bart Everson

Great to see the restoration of this old plaque at the statue of José Martí — too bad the panels are out of order…

Bart Everson is a writer, a photographer, a baker of bread, a husband, a father and a resident of Mid-City. He is a founding member of the Green Party of Louisiana, past president of Friends of Lafitte Greenway, and a participant in New Orleans Lamplight Circle. More at BartEverson.com.

May 162017

“When the crisis comes…when there is no way out – that is the very moment when we explode from within and the totally other emerges: the sudden surfacing of a strength, a security of unknown origin, welling up from beyond reason, rational expectation, and hope.”
-Émile Durkheim

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Day 15 of beard regeneration. I’ve noticed my friends who can’t grow beards seem the most disappointed at how slowly mine grows. Hold your horses!

Goodbyes Aren’t Always Forever

In my two-and-a-half weeks on the trail, I’ve suffered through aches, illness, injuries, inclement weather and plenty of other challenges. But few of them match the lady sitting next to me, engaging me in a battle for elbow space going on its sixth hour on a 24-hour Greyhound bus trip from Knoxville to Des Moines.

There are rules on a bus. Each row has four seats. Two seats on each side of the aisle. Look at the two bus seats in front of you and stay on your side of the space between them.

If you encroach a little into that no-mans-land space between the two seats, I’m not going to make a fuss, but there’s no mistaking that she’s making a power play way into my zone. As I write this, my elbow is jammed into the soft, side of her arm, and I am slowly, but deliberately trying to push her back into her space. She doesn’t want to go back into her space, because she’s selfish and terrible, so she is pushing back. Continue reading »

May 102017

The proposed apartment project would include studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.

By Claire Byun

The historic McDonogh 31 school building left vacant for years is once again under the city’s radar as developers are hoping to turn the shuttered structure into apartments.

Neighbors approve of the plan that would bring the historic building back to life, but limited parking in an already-tight block have some concerned. Continue reading »

Apr 062017

The South Course features several lagoons and historic oak trees that once lined the former City Park golf courses destroyed by Katrina (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

City Park’s newest golf course includes a host of brand new designs, greens and features, while incorporating a few features from the two courses destroyed by Katrina.

Bayou Oaks South, which opens to the public April 21, plays in a returning 9-hole routing that runs south toward Harrison Avenue, then returning north to the clubhouse. The back 9 plays along the routing that used to define the back 9 of City Park West golf course, which was severely damaged in the hurricane.

Twelve holes include natural bayous, just like the historic courses, and 100-year-old oak trees line each hole around the 72-par course. Continue reading »

Mar 232017

By Claire Byun

The number of armed robbery and assault incidents around Mid-City dropped dramatically in February, which lowered the total number of crimes overall.

Armed robberies dropped from nine in January to just three last month, according to numbers from the Mid-City Security District. No murders, rapes or assaults were reported last month, and simple robbery incidents dropped by one. Continue reading »

Feb 252017

The “Musco Andromena” float rolls down Canal street on Saturday, Feb. 25 2017. Endymion rolled with the theme “Endymion’s Constellations” this year. (Zach Brien, UptownMessenger.com)

Endymion rolled on Saturday night in Mid City. Each float was themed with one of the 88 Constellations. New Orleans-based surgeon Parker Velargo reigned as the Krewe’s 51st King.

Continue reading »

Feb 202017

Warren Easton Charter High School (photo by Alicia Serrano, MidCityMessenger.com)

By Claire Byun

As the future of education in New Orleans continues to shift toward a unified school district, some charter schools have the option to branch from Orleans Parish School Board oversight.

Warren Easton Charter High School won’t be taking that step – at least this year. Continue reading »