Jun 202017

The Orleans Parish Libertarian Party is working to grow their party while earning recognition on the ballot, but community engagement is the first step.

Mike Dodd, chairman of the local party, encouraged other Libertarian party members to run for smaller city and statewide seats so the party can gain political traction. Offices such as Orleans Parish School Board, seats on the magistrate court and even the city’s Inspector General would be good options for the smaller party. Continue reading »

Jun 052017

I’d just gotten out of the shower when I heard the brass band passing by.

Still in my bathrobe, I toddled down to the street corner to take a gander. There they were, coming down Banks Street, dozens of people in outrageous costumes, and a bicycle-powered float made up like a pirate ship.

It was Mid-City’s best kept secret: The Krewe of Palmyra.

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May 232017

The bronze of P.G.T. Beauregard and his horse was lifted from its base a little after 3 a.m. Wednesday (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun


After last week’s removal of the P.G.T. Beauregard monument from its pedestal in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art, the City Park Improvement Board is meeting soon with city officials about the space, and board members spent about 40 minutes during their regular board meeting Tuesday in a closed-door discussion of “the board’s legal position on the monument” with City Park attorneys, board chair Steve Pettus said.

“We had to bring our board up to date about what’s been going on, and we’ll have discussions with the city in the next few days before bringing it back to our board,” said Bob Becker, City Park CEO. Continue reading »

May 182017

Ani DeFranco, folk singer and feminist icon, leads the crowd in a protest song on the steps of the Orleans Parish Criminal Courthouse (Claire Byun).

Complete with a folk singer and feminist icon, protestors called for a recall of Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro while urning people to stay active in the fight to reform New Orleans’ criminal justice system.

Ani DiFranco, New Orleans resident and folk star and feminist icon, led several dozen protestors in song Tuesday afternoon on the front steps of the Orleans Criminal District courthouse. Rally-goers focused on Cannizzaro’s use of “fake subpoenas” and material witness warrants, which have lately caused controversy that ran all the way to City Council. Continue reading »

May 172017

The bronze of P.G.T. Beauregard and his horse was lifted from its base a little after 3 a.m. Wednesday (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

Days after the Jefferson Davis monument was removed, a second Mid-City monument was dismantled over seven hours early Wednesday morning.

About 200 people gathered near the P.G.T. Beauregard monument near City Park late Tuesday as crews removed the seven-ton bronze statue from its marble base. Pro-monument groups were separated from monument protestors with metal barricades – similar to the setup at Jefferson Davis – and with occasional yelling matches between the groups. Continue reading »

May 162017

A monument supporter rests as crews set up equipment to remove the Jefferson Davis Confederate memorial last week (Claire Byun).

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the city’s Confederate monuments, members of the Green Party of New Orleans released a clear, concise stance on the “symbols of white supremacy.”

The party released a statement supporting the removal of New Orleans’ Confederate monuments last week just before the statue of Jerfferson Davis was removed overnight. While party members are working to revamp their statement in light of the state legislatures’s efforts to halt the removal, party officials wanted a clear, cohesive stance on the issue that’s caused protests, counter-protests and marches. Continue reading »

Apr 202017

If you have to appear in Civil District Court, for matters including wills & successions, divorce, custody & support, property rights, accidents, and much more, you want a judge who is knowledgeable of the law, experienced with court proceedings, hardworking, and independent.

SUZY MONTERO has amassed thousands of hours of “real courtroom experience” in her 25 years of practicing law. She is prepared to assume this very important position. Continue reading »

Apr 132017

Attorney Marie Williams, a recent candidate for judge, announced her endorsement of her former challenger Attorney Suzy Montero in the race for the open Civil District Court Division B seat to be decided on April 29. Ms. Montero ran first in the three-candidate primary held last month.

Ms. Williams has been a practicing attorney for more than two decades in the New Orleans area. She is a known and respected community activist and has served in appointed judicial positions in criminal court. Ms. Williams said she believes Suzy Montero has the experience necessary to serve on the Civil District Court bench. Continue reading »