Jun 222017

Festival-goers braved the rain Sunday to spend time on the bayou (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

This year’s Bayou Boogaloo drew in more than $25,000 for ten citywide nonprofits, though beverage sales plummeted due to the weekends’ poor weather, organizers said.

Jared Zeller, founder of Bayou Boogaloo, said beverage sales decreased 49 percent on Sunday from the year before. Sales also decreased 18 percent on Saturday from 2016, though Friday’s totals grew by 65 percent, Zeller said. Continue reading »

Jun 212017

A bicyclist rides in City Park (Claire Byun).

The proposed locations of 70 initial bicycle share program stations are still up in the air, and the city is asking for public input before the June 25 deadline.

Polling for preferred station alternatives is live now on the city’s bike share webpage. Voting will be used to reduce the number of alternate locations to just 70 for the program’s launch this fall. Continue reading »

Jun 202017

The Orleans Parish Libertarian Party is working to grow their party while earning recognition on the ballot, but community engagement is the first step.

Mike Dodd, chairman of the local party, encouraged other Libertarian party members to run for smaller city and statewide seats so the party can gain political traction. Offices such as Orleans Parish School Board, seats on the magistrate court and even the city’s Inspector General would be good options for the smaller party. Continue reading »

Jun 152017

Councilmember Susan Guidry addresses the crowd Tuesday during a Master Plan Town Hall.

The New Orleans 20-year Master Plan is up for revision, and public greenspaces and housing affordability are some of the key revisions local groups are hoping to enact.

Most of those amendments deal with the changing priorities of the city; stormwater drainage, equitable housing and resilience encompass many of the changes to be considered by City Council next month. Councilmember Susan Guidry, who represents a swath of Mid-City, held a town hall earlier this week to explain what these amendments mean for residents and gave people the chance to ask questions of policy experts. Continue reading »

Jun 142017

The Lafitte Greenway, which is used by biker, walkers, jogger, and boarders at all hours of the day, stretches 2.6 miles from Armstrong Park to City Park. (Nick Ducote).

The proposed New Orleans Capital Improvement Plan will be presented to Mayor Mitch Landrieu six months earlier than usual, though some Mid-City projects were not recommended funding.

The plan – established by the City Planning Commission every year – includes requests from city departments and agencies for projects over the next five years. After Tuesday’s approval from the CPC, the plan will be presented to the City Council and will eventually become next year’s budget. Continue reading »

Jun 132017

Two men were killed in an early June shooting on Pauger Street (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

After last week’s deadly shooting at an “unsafe” event space on Tulane Avenue, Mid-City residents are looking for alternative avenues to report unruly businesses or unsafe gatherings. Several city agencies are hoping to help with that kind of reporting.

The New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits, which oversees the safety, coding and permitting of businesses, wants residents to alert them to any unsafe facilities in their neighborhoods. Zach Smith, chief building official with the Department of Safety and Permits, told Mid-City Neighborhood Organization members that any building that seems to go against code should be reported. Continue reading »

Jun 062017

Mayor Mitch Landrieu speaks with the New Orleans Police Department’s First District after repeated violence along the Tulane corridor left several people dead (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

Tuesday’s regular crime trends meeting among New Orleans Police Department’s First District featured an unexpected guest: Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

The district’s weekly meeting allows supervisors to review crime trends and pinpoint where officers are most needed. Most of the time, the meeting is led by First District Commander Hans Ganthier.

But, after the city’s most violent day of 2017 left several people dead, Landrieu took a seat at the front to ask questions on district procedures, communication and the impact of properly policing the community. Continue reading »

Jun 012017

Golfers enjoy the new golf course in City Park, which is asking for $25 million in project funding for the city (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

City Park officials are aiming to secure $25 million in capital from the city for infrastructure, sewerage and historic building improvements. The city, however, only has so much money to distribute to more than 20 different entities, including the New Orleans Police Department, New Orleans Public Library and the Mayor’s Office.

Fund distribution will ultimately be decided by the City Planning Commission after two days of capital budget requests for next year through 2022. Each public entity is given 30 minutes to pitch their requests to CPC staff, which kickstarted Thursday morning. Continue reading »