May 112017

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The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, and with it comes a desire to get outdoors and be one with nature. But nature is hot and movie theaters are cold, so let’s dial back the urge to get sunburn and see some exciting new independent films that we’re showcasing this weekend.

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May 042017

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When does summer begin? Experts would say June 20th, children would tell you it’s when school ends, and our good friend Pete thinks summer starts when killer bees arrive from the Yucatan Peninsula. We happen to think that summer begins when a big crazy superhero movie comes out, and in that case summer begins this weekend!

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Apr 282017

Tryouts for New Orleans Spartans FC, a competitive youth soccer club, are being held now through June to fill teams for the 2017-2018 season. 

New Orleans Spartans FC (NOSFC) was founded in 2013 with a mission to help young soccer players develop into skillful athletes, supportive teammates and quality human beings.   NOSFC provides rigorous training, professional coaching and the infrastructure and resources to accomplish these goals.  Continue reading »

Apr 202017

If you have to appear in Civil District Court, for matters including wills & successions, divorce, custody & support, property rights, accidents, and much more, you want a judge who is knowledgeable of the law, experienced with court proceedings, hardworking, and independent.

SUZY MONTERO has amassed thousands of hours of “real courtroom experience” in her 25 years of practicing law. She is prepared to assume this very important position. Continue reading »

Apr 132017

Attorney Marie Williams, a recent candidate for judge, announced her endorsement of her former challenger Attorney Suzy Montero in the race for the open Civil District Court Division B seat to be decided on April 29. Ms. Montero ran first in the three-candidate primary held last month.

Ms. Williams has been a practicing attorney for more than two decades in the New Orleans area. She is a known and respected community activist and has served in appointed judicial positions in criminal court. Ms. Williams said she believes Suzy Montero has the experience necessary to serve on the Civil District Court bench. Continue reading »

Apr 112017

He is risen! As we celebrate the incredible journey of Holy Week, St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church invites you and your family to come experience the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to hear again the good news of God’s saving grace for all humanity.

This week, St. Peter’s is hosting two services, a Tenebrae (Good Friday) service on Friday, April 14, at 6.30pm, and an Easter morning service on Sunday, April 16, at 9am. Both services will take place at 1222 N. Dorgenois Street, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in Gaudet Hall.

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Mar 302017

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Every single week, we at The Broad work to bring you films that are a bit off the beaten path. We also believe wholeheartedly that you shouldn’t have to leave your neighborhood to see the big hits that are often the lifeblood of the suburban multiplex. This week, we are juggling things up with widely-anticipated major release followed by a film that we think is ripe to become a cult classic.

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