Mar 032017

Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation is a New Orleans-based nonprofit organization that helps launch social ventures to address local challenges. We’re a 501(c)3 dedicated to supporting social innovation in New Orleans with the mission to grow and support entrepreneurs who tackle social and environmental disparities.

We’re Hiring!

Propeller is looking for new faces to join our staff of diverse entrepreneurs and stakeholders. This is a chance to be part of a powerful community working together for a more equitable future where everyone can lead healthy, fulfilling lives free of racism, poverty, and other systems of oppression.

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Feb 232017

Mardi Gras is here again! This season is full of parades, revelry, and costumes, but Fat Tuesday is about more than just partying all day long. In fact, Mardi Gras marks the end of the Epiphany season and the beginning of the Lenten season.

We invite you to come celebrate Lent with Mid-City’s newest church, St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church: St. Peter’s is hosting an Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, February 10, at 6pm at 1222 N. Dorgenois Street (at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in Gaudet Hall). Continue reading »

Feb 222017

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We understand that there are a few more entertainment options available for you than normal this weekend. With a little thing called Mardi Gras taking up most of the week, we are offering three news films (GET OUTELLE, and THE RED TURTLE) so that you have options that don’t involve the procurement of beads.

GET OUT might just be the most talked about film of the spring. Directed by Jordan Peele it is the tale of a boyfriend doing the most horrible thing he can imagine, meeting the girlfriend’s parents. Only thing is, it gets worse. We will be hosting a few sneak preview screenings on Thursday in case you just can’t wait to see what happens next.
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Feb 162017

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This Week at The Broad, NERUDA becomes the newest addition to our film lineup. We think that calling it a simple bio-pic is a massive understatement. Telling the life story of the poet-politician Pablo Neruda, this film throws away any attempt at pure accuracy and instead goes for a more lyrical take on such a powerful figure. This is the kind of film we get very excited to show, so we hope you’ll share in this excitement by checking it out.

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Feb 102017

Meet your match for Valentine’s Day, Get Weird & Wild with burlesque, or Meet & Mingle this month at Three Palms.

Our February is full of events for many tastes and specials–all of them good! Join us as we cap it off & celebrate our first Mardi Gras on Tulane Ave!

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Feb 092017

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Our neighbors ask us all the time to play a crazy variety of films and we strive to pack as many of their requests into our four screens as possible, all while picking more obscure films that we think audiences should have a chance to see on the big screen. After a few weeks on focusing on smaller titles, we are going Hollywood this week with two titles that are sure to play to two WILDLY different audiences.

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Feb 022017

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Every week, we learn more and more from you about what you want to see here at The Broad. Take for instance PATERSON. Did we know that some people wanted to see it? Sure, that’s why we went after it. But we did not expect it to do the crazy numbers that it did, so we have no problem bringing it back for another week.

On the other hand, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO has been receiving such wide acclaim and demand from our viewers that we’re taking the film and moving it to the big house for selected screenings. Continue reading »

Feb 012017

In the coming weeks, LCIA will host events targeted towards two of Louisiana’s key industries. The February 2 Contractor Networking Night and the February 10 Transportation Workshop are both part of LCIA’s Industry Insights program, which seeks to provide events, information, and connections to the industries of Louisiana. More information about both of these events is available below. Continue reading »

Jan 262017

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This Week at The Broad, we continue our record-breaking run of HIDDEN FIGURES and welcome back Jim Jarmusch with PATERSON. With more Oscar-worthy films than you can shake a stick at, this week’s newsletter is now available.

Right now at The Broad Theater, we are playing films with a combined total of 29 Academy Award nominations. If you’ve been following us for the last few months you’ve in fact have had the opportunity to see seven of the nine films nominated for best picture. Continue reading »

Jan 232017

A Taxing Task: Deciding If Your Business Structure Truly Fits

It can be taxing thinking about how much your business will be paying in taxes each year, but it is something worth examining. Whether you are an LLC, a sole proprietor, a corporation—and whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for twenty years—this workshop is for you.

On Friday, January 27, LCIA is hosting a breakfast workshop at Liberty’s Kitchen: “A Taxing Affair: Finding a Business Structure that Fits”. Paul Jouet from Tax Help NOLA will give a presentation outlining how your business structure affects your tax obligations. Continue reading »