Mar 242017

New at Three Palms

On top of $10 Steak Night on Thursdays, we’re now serving up
$5 Fish Plates every Friday!

Also this weekend:

Get funky with Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes this Saturday
Show starts at 9 p.m.

Sunday, we’ll be supporting the Let’s Clean Up the Neighborhood meetup with the Mid-City Tulane Banks Neighborhood Association from 9am–12 noon. We meet at S. Pierce and Ulloa, and we’ll have coffee and donuts.

Come On By!


Three Palms Bar & Grill
3813 Tulane Ave.
(504) 459-4474

Open @4pm Wed–Mon

Mar 232017

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This is the week in New Orleans where we all begin to start fiddling with our window AC units. Spring has arrived and with it comes new films and special events as we fill the gap between Oscar season and blockbuster season with some of our own home-grown programming.

This week’s new release is THE LAST WORD starring the legendary Shirley MacLaine. It is always a pleasure to a have a screen legend join a young cast and steal the show, and we think that this is a perfect example of that. Also starring Amanda Seyfried, this is a small film worthy of your attention.

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Mar 172017

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We here at The Broad love music. We trust our sound system to our staff and are constantly rewarded with a wide variety of music to brighten up our lobby. In honor of that love, we are dubbing this week musical week and bringing you two new musicals with very different backgrounds.

THE LURE is a Polish vampire-mermaid musical. Read that sentence again. We can assure you that there won’t be another Polish vampire-mermaid musical released this year in theaters. Full of visual flair and a genre-hopping story, we can’t recommend enough this feature for those late-night adventurous members of our audience. Continue reading »

Mar 132017

Dear Voters,

We all want the best representation and service when we see a doctor, our child’s teacher, or any professional we trust with important decisions. Why would we expect any less in our Civil District Court Judge?

I have 25 years as a successful trial lawyer in Orleans Parish and other state and federal courts. In my legal career, I have been a champion for the voiceless and vulnerable, for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and housing discrimination. Continue reading »

Mar 092017

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On March 4, 2016 we didn’t cut any ribbons or launch any balloons. The day we opened our doors was focused squarely on hanging up the final signs and hardware needed to be ready for our opening lineup of films like WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT, MUSTANG, A WAR, and our double feature of GALAXY QUEST and SPACEBALLS. Those early days featured a heavy lineup of arthouse films as well as some screenings that were a bit ahead of their time (to the dozen or so people who saw 54, we love you). May rolled around and that’s when the major studios finally answered our calls and The Broad became the beautiful mix of big and small programming that you’ve all come to love.

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Mar 032017

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This Week at The Broad brings two new films for your post-carnival enjoyment, and they are rather different from each other to say the least. LOGAN is being described as the last Wolverine film to star Hugh Jackman. But even more than a swan song for a superhero, this is a drama that deserves respect even for those who aren’t into tights and spandex.

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Mar 032017

Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation is a New Orleans-based nonprofit organization that helps launch social ventures to address local challenges. We’re a 501(c)3 dedicated to supporting social innovation in New Orleans with the mission to grow and support entrepreneurs who tackle social and environmental disparities.

We’re Hiring!

Propeller is looking for new faces to join our staff of diverse entrepreneurs and stakeholders. This is a chance to be part of a powerful community working together for a more equitable future where everyone can lead healthy, fulfilling lives free of racism, poverty, and other systems of oppression.

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Feb 232017

Mardi Gras is here again! This season is full of parades, revelry, and costumes, but Fat Tuesday is about more than just partying all day long. In fact, Mardi Gras marks the end of the Epiphany season and the beginning of the Lenten season.

We invite you to come celebrate Lent with Mid-City’s newest church, St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church: St. Peter’s is hosting an Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, February 10, at 6pm at 1222 N. Dorgenois Street (at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in Gaudet Hall). Continue reading »

Feb 222017

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We understand that there are a few more entertainment options available for you than normal this weekend. With a little thing called Mardi Gras taking up most of the week, we are offering three news films (GET OUTELLE, and THE RED TURTLE) so that you have options that don’t involve the procurement of beads.

GET OUT might just be the most talked about film of the spring. Directed by Jordan Peele it is the tale of a boyfriend doing the most horrible thing he can imagine, meeting the girlfriend’s parents. Only thing is, it gets worse. We will be hosting a few sneak preview screenings on Thursday in case you just can’t wait to see what happens next.
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Feb 162017

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This Week at The Broad, NERUDA becomes the newest addition to our film lineup. We think that calling it a simple bio-pic is a massive understatement. Telling the life story of the poet-politician Pablo Neruda, this film throws away any attempt at pure accuracy and instead goes for a more lyrical take on such a powerful figure. This is the kind of film we get very excited to show, so we hope you’ll share in this excitement by checking it out.

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