Tyree Worthy

Jun 192017

On Thursday, June 22, LCIA is hosting a workshop for the construction industry, “Opportunities for Contractors in Stormwater Management.” The event will be co-hosted by the Urban Conservancy and StayLocal. The issue of stormwater management—what we do with rainwater when it hits the ground—is an important issue in New Orleans.

During the day-long class, attendees will learn about:

  • The history of stormwater management in New Orleans
  • The paradigm shift toward green infrastructure and new building practices
  • New city ordinances and codes that require water management to be considered on new construction
  • Available building materials and products that are used in green infrastructure
  • The increasing demand for green infrastructure

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Jun 092017

Final tryouts for New Orleans Spartans FC, a competitive youth soccer club, are being held this weekend to fill teams for the 2017-2018 season. 

New Orleans Spartans FC (NOSFC) was founded in 2013 with a mission to help young soccer players develop into skillful athletes, supportive teammates and quality human beings.   NOSFC provides rigorous training, professional coaching and the infrastructure and resources to accomplish these goals.  Continue reading »

Jun 082017

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Last week was the rare week at The Broad where we had all four screens devoted to big-budget mainstream fare. We know however that you love it when we bring you films from off the beaten path so this week we have three films that you aren’t going to find anywhere else in this city.

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Jun 072017

Community Book Center, located at 2523 Bayou Road since 2003 (via Google.com)

The Community Book Center is asking for the public’s support to continue its brick and mortar operation and is hosting a “Save Our Store” sale with discounted items this weekend to make more space for revenue.

Located at 2523 Bayou Road since 2003, Community Book Center has been in business through owner Vera Warren Williams for 34 years. Read the full story by Gentilly Messenger here.

Jun 022017

School’s out for summer! It’s time to take advantage of the great weather and activities that make summer one of the most anticipated seasons. If you’re looking for quality programming and events to keep your family active and make this summer memorable, consider visiting your neighborhood park, pool, or rec center.

Every summer NORD provides residents of New Orleans with an array of quality programming, classes, and events, all at no cost. From swimming lessons, family game nights, fishing, canoeing, summer sports leagues, piano, and dance lessons. There is something for everyone. Continue reading »

Jun 012017

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We’ve got superhero fever this week, and the only prescription is to bring you two new heroes for your viewing pleasure. Having read all your emails and tweets, we have a big addition to this week’s lineup.

The early reviews for WONDER WOMAN have indicated that we are on the verge of seeing one of the best DC superhero films in a very long time. The buzz for this movie has been deafening and so because of your overwhelming requests we have added it to our lineup. Continue reading »

May 262017

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Remember when you were a kid and your idea of fun was a cardboard tube? You can turn it into a baseball bat, a lightsaber, or even a makeshift telescope in search of buried treasure. With Memorial Day on the horizon, we want you to find your inner kid as we’re going to set our sails on a high-sea journey for adventure!

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