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Mar 242017

New at Three Palms

On top of $10 Steak Night on Thursdays, we’re now serving up
$5 Fish Plates every Friday!

Also this weekend:

Get funky with Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes this Saturday
Show starts at 9 p.m.

Sunday, we’ll be supporting the Let’s Clean Up the Neighborhood meetup with the Mid-City Tulane Banks Neighborhood Association from 9am–12 noon. We meet at S. Pierce and Ulloa, and we’ll have coffee and donuts.

Come On By!


Three Palms Bar & Grill
3813 Tulane Ave.
(504) 459-4474

Open @4pm Wed–Mon

Mar 172017

Sponsored bybroad-theater-logo

We here at The Broad love music. We trust our sound system to our staff and are constantly rewarded with a wide variety of music to brighten up our lobby. In honor of that love, we are dubbing this week musical week and bringing you two new musicals with very different backgrounds.

THE LURE is a Polish vampire-mermaid musical. Read that sentence again. We can assure you that there won’t be another Polish vampire-mermaid musical released this year in theaters. Full of visual flair and a genre-hopping story, we can’t recommend enough this feature for those late-night adventurous members of our audience. Continue reading »

Mar 132017

Dear Voters,

We all want the best representation and service when we see a doctor, our child’s teacher, or any professional we trust with important decisions. Why would we expect any less in our Civil District Court Judge?

I have 25 years as a successful trial lawyer in Orleans Parish and other state and federal courts. In my legal career, I have been a champion for the voiceless and vulnerable, for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and housing discrimination. Continue reading »

Feb 132017

Guest Chefs Candis Koerner (left) and Susan Spicer (right) help Tiffany Hill (center) as they prepare the second course of the meal. (Zach Brien, MidCityMessenger.com)

Liberty’s Kitchen held their inaugural Guest Chef Night last Thursday (February 9) as a way to celebrate graduates from their Youth Development Program. Guest Chefs Susan Spicer (of Bayona, Rosedale) and Candis Koerner (of Mondo) prepared a three-course meal for guests with the help of students and graduates from the program.

“First of all, Liberty’s Kitchen starts with a hug, because that’s what all of us need the most, and that’s certainly what our young people need the most.” David Emond, Executive Director of Liberty’s Kitchen, spoke highly of the Youth Development Program and its mission. Continue reading »

Jan 302017

Former Gretna mayoral candidate William Boartfield and Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein working for flood relief in Denham Springs. (photo by Miranda Murray)


Can we talk about Gretna for a moment? I rarely get over there, as crossing the Mississippi River on a bike presents challenges, but there’s clearly some cool things going on. Two musical heroes from my youth rocked Gretna Fest in recent years: Joan Jett and Blue Öyster Cult. Plus, as I recall, there’s a store that still sells unfinished furniture made from solid wood, much appreciated in these days of particle board and plastic.

However, there are also some things that are decidedly uncool. Gretna has a policing problem. The online publication Fusion recently reported that it is the “most arresting” city in the country. That is, Gretna arrests more people per capita than any other city. In one year, they may arrest over 6,000 adults — this in a town of only 18,000 residents. Kind of astonishing. Continue reading »

Jan 162017
Cloud Formation New Orleans 2003 (photo by Bart Everson)

Cloud Formation New Orleans 2003 (photo by Bart Everson)

As I draw on to the end of my fifth decade, I’m feeling reflective. Indulge me in a little reminiscence, and by all means come to my birthday party.

Stone Cold 97


My fourth decade kicked off with a knock-down, drag-out, protracted dispute between my father and me. We worked through many longstanding resentments and misunderstandings in counseling sessions that went on for the better part of a year. As part of the deal, we both agreed to swear off drugs, including alcohol and tobacco but not caffeine or cough syrup, thankfully. Continue reading »

Jan 022017
I'm your groove thing.

I’m your groove thing.

As I draw on to the end of my fifth decade, I’m feeling reflective. Indulge me in a little reminiscence, and by all means come to my birthday party.

A spiritual quest

I celebrated my 20th birthday in 1987, just as I began my second semester of college at Indiana University in Bloomington.

I found much to love about the academy. Here at last was a community of mind, a place where all manner of ideas could be explored. I took an eclectic array of classes, studying whatever seemed interesting: religious philosophy, linguistic anthropology, comparative literature, semiotics, folklore, Latin, Chinese, Asian-American literature, criminal justice, 3D art, bass guitar. I even took an accounting class to humor my father, who was after all footing the bill. bart-everson-headshot-2013

If I had little regard for how my studies would lead to a degree or a profession, it was because I wasn’t focused on the future. I felt I didn’t have a future. I had come to see society a monstrous, self-perpetuating machine, fueled by the souls of the hapless humans who had invented it. I was on a spiritual quest, as many young people are — a search for meaning in life.

For a while I thought romance alone could supply that missing value. Yes, I had a girlfriend, but she dumped me after a couple years, and I learned I was not immune to the pangs of jealousy. Continue reading »

Dec 152016
The frozen north.

The frozen north.

As I draw on to the end of my fifth decade, I’m feeling reflective. Indulge me in a little reminiscence, and by all means come to my birthday party.

The insufferable nerdiness of being

At ten years of age, I was a big nerd. Big? Sure, I was almost five feet tall. But the true magnitude of my nerdiness was measured in other ways.

Other kids wanted to be firefighters or race car drivers. I wanted to be nuclear physicist. I could tell you anything you wanted to know about electrons, protons, and neutrons. My 4th grade science fair project on atomic fission won a blue ribbon. bart-everson-headshot-2013

I had 50 cents to my name, which I kept in a little safe labeled Fort Knox. On the side of the safe, I had one of those molded rubber fridge magnets, a yellow one picturing a lightbulb, with the slogan, “Whatever Turns You On.”

It was the 1970s, after all. I made ten in ’77, the same year the Sex Pistols came out with Never Mind the Bollocks. But I didn’t know anything about that until later.

I was into planets and space exploration. When the rings of Uranus were discovered in March of ’77, that made my diary. When I discovered a discrepancy between our textbook and my Dad’s Time-Life encyclopedia regarding the number of moons orbiting Saturn, I confronted my fourth grade science teacher. She just stared at me.

A huge, insufferable nerd. I haven’t changed much over the years.
Continue reading »

Dec 022016


Delgado Community College has been named one of the best online colleges in Louisiana, according to a new ranking released by Affordable Colleges Online, a leading resource for online learning and college affordability information.

Delgado Community College is at number six on the list, which includes 17 four-year institutions and six two-year colleges.

For more information, read the full release below: Continue reading »

Nov 282016
The Three Palms Bar & Grill is among the newest additions to Tulane Avenue. (photo by Stephanie Standige)

The Three Palms Bar & Grill is among the newest additions to Tulane Avenue. (photo by Stephanie Standige)

By Stephanie Standige for Mid-City Messenger

Louisiana native Susan Dandridge opened Three Palms Bar and Grill in October on Tulane Avenue, becoming part of the ongoing revitalization of the corridor expected to accelerate once road construction is complete in January. Continue reading »