Claire Byun

May 162017

“When the crisis comes…when there is no way out – that is the very moment when we explode from within and the totally other emerges: the sudden surfacing of a strength, a security of unknown origin, welling up from beyond reason, rational expectation, and hope.”
-Émile Durkheim

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Day 15 of beard regeneration. I’ve noticed my friends who can’t grow beards seem the most disappointed at how slowly mine grows. Hold your horses!

Goodbyes Aren’t Always Forever

In my two-and-a-half weeks on the trail, I’ve suffered through aches, illness, injuries, inclement weather and plenty of other challenges. But few of them match the lady sitting next to me, engaging me in a battle for elbow space going on its sixth hour on a 24-hour Greyhound bus trip from Knoxville to Des Moines.

There are rules on a bus. Each row has four seats. Two seats on each side of the aisle. Look at the two bus seats in front of you and stay on your side of the space between them.

If you encroach a little into that no-mans-land space between the two seats, I’m not going to make a fuss, but there’s no mistaking that she’s making a power play way into my zone. As I write this, my elbow is jammed into the soft, side of her arm, and I am slowly, but deliberately trying to push her back into her space. She doesn’t want to go back into her space, because she’s selfish and terrible, so she is pushing back. Continue reading »

May 162017

A monument supporter rests as crews set up equipment to remove the Jefferson Davis Confederate memorial last week (Claire Byun).

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the city’s Confederate monuments, members of the Green Party of New Orleans released a clear, concise stance on the “symbols of white supremacy.”

The party released a statement supporting the removal of New Orleans’ Confederate monuments last week just before the statue of Jerfferson Davis was removed overnight. While party members are working to revamp their statement in light of the state legislatures’s efforts to halt the removal, party officials wanted a clear, cohesive stance on the issue that’s caused protests, counter-protests and marches. Continue reading »

May 152017

Crowd members hit a beach ball during Anders Osborne’s performance at Bayou Boogaloo 2016. (Zach Brien, MidCityMessenger.com)

The Mothership Foundation, a local nonprofit that puts on the Bayou Boogaloo every year, is looking for some help.

The festival kickstarts Friday evening but volunteers are needed for setup and breakdown over the week. Setup shifts are available Monday through Thursday, with breakdown shifts early the next week. Shifts are three to four hours in length. Continue reading »

May 152017

School officials are proposing several renovations to the existing building in order to house more ages.

By Claire Byun

The Cathedral Montessori School is working to revamp its campus to accommodate more age levels, and the project recently got the go-ahead from the city.

School officials wants to relocate a modular classroom while adding to an existing building in order to house more students. There are also plans to demolish an existing carport and replace it with a covered play area, which gained approval from the City Planning Commission last week. Continue reading »

May 122017

Accardo is proposing to convert two of the former residential units on the second floor of the double shotgun into an endodontic clinic.

By Claire Byun

A proposed dental clinic in the City Park neighborhood scored approval from the zoning board this week, leaving some residents worried about already-tight parking spaces in the area.

The New Orleans Board of Zoning Appeals approved a waiver to reduce parking space for the proposed clinic – located at 605 Carrollton Ave. – at their meeting Monday. The shotgun’s zoning requires at least five off-street parking spots for the business, but the building’s owner said similar businesses in the area have only supplied three spaces. Continue reading »

May 112017

More than 100 people – both for and against the monument – gathered to watch its removal early Thursday. Crews lifted the bronze statue with a crane (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

Nineteen days after protestors held a vigil at Mid-City’s Jefferson Davis monument, the bronze statue was removed.

More than 100 monument supporters and counter-protestors stood guard early Thursday (May 11) as crews removed the century-old statue from the corner of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Canal Street. A small group of monument supporters had gathered in front of the statue since April 23, when the New Orleans Monument Task Committee held a candlelight vigil to show support. Continue reading »

May 102017

The proposed apartment project would include studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.

By Claire Byun

The historic McDonogh 31 school building left vacant for years is once again under the city’s radar as developers are hoping to turn the shuttered structure into apartments.

Neighbors approve of the plan that would bring the historic building back to life, but limited parking in an already-tight block have some concerned. Continue reading »

May 092017

The New Orleans Police Department is searching for a man who stole a bicycle and backpack full of items from a N. Salcedo Street residence.

At around 10:24 a.m. on May 3, the unknown male suspect is seen leaving the residence through a rear residential door located in the 600 block of N. Salcedo Street. The subject is then seen taking off on the victim’s bicycle with a backpack that contained several items he took while inside of the home, police said. Continue reading »

May 092017

An example of an evacuation checklist provided by the Foundation for Louisiana.

By Claire Byun

With hurricane season just around the corner, local emergency groups are stressing preparedness in the event of a disaster. Are you ready?

The Mid-City Neighborhood Association hosted a hurricane preparedness forum at their monthly meeting Monday. Three emergency agencies underscored how essential planning for a storm is – especially in a city like New Orleans – and what residents can do to protect themselves, their families and businesses. Continue reading »

May 082017

“The Spider Queen” cast rehearse the opening sequence of the original play written by James Bartelle and Alex Martinez Wallace (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

It’s a world of druids, of ogres, of a rebellious teenager on a mission to clear her father’s name. A world of political strife mixed with a missing amulet, giant birds that age in reverse and a dying queen to rule them all.

“The Spider Queen,” an original play produced and performed by the NOLA Project, opens Wednesday as the seventh production in the New Orleans Museum of Art’s Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Continue reading »