Jul 122017

By Claire Byun

New Orleans Police may have caught a suspect who hides behind cars and attempts to rob people, though he’s been thwarted three times already – once by a group of schnauzers.

First District officers arrested a juvenile believed to have hit up three victims within hours of each other along Esplanade Avenue. Victims tad police the suspect hid behind a vehicle and demanded money while holding a gun.

The first victim told police he was exiting his car, on the 2900 Grand Route St. John St., when the suspect came up from behind and demanded money while holding a gun. The victim’s mother stepped out of her house, saw what was happening, and “sicked her schnauzers on him,” Sgt. Gary Lewis said.

The suspect fled and, about 20 minutes later, a second victim reported an attempted robbery. The suspect was stepping out of their car – on the 1200 block of Treme St. – when a man demanded money from behind. The victim backed away into his yard while screaming “I don’t have any money” until the suspect fled, Lewis said.

Then, on the 2900 block of Esplanade Avenue, a third suspect reported a similar crime. The suspect fled without any money or valuables after the third victim repeatedly told the suspect he did not have anything of value.

“He struck Grand Route St. John, Esplanade and Treme, so he’s been moving,” Lewis said. “He’s got to have a bicycle or a moped or something like that.”

Officers arrested a juvenile with a moped earlier this week that fits the suspect’s description, though Commander Hans Ganthier said he doesn’t want to wait until the suspect is charged to stem robbery attempts. Ganthier said he’s putting more patrols in the area until both robberies and attempted robberies are cut off.

“I don’t want him striking again, and if it’s [the suspect in custody] that’s fine,” he said.

First District responded to nine persons crimes over the last week, including three robberies and an aggravated shooting. The district has a 36 percent clearance rate on persons crimes this year, – compared to 35 percent across the whole force – but that’s a drop from 40 percent last year, Lewis said.

Police also responded to two possibly-related residential burglaries last week, according to Sgt. Kenny Temple. The first, in the 1100 block of Marais Street, resulted in the victim losing her purse, though nothing else was stolen. The second victim – just a few blocks away on North Robertson Street – said the thief didn’t steal anything but did ransack the home.

Police found a blood sample on the window used to enter the first home, and officials are still investigating, Temple said.

There were six auto burglaries reported last week, and four vehicles were left unlocked. The other two incidents involve the thief breaking a window and prying open the car door, Temple said.

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