Jul 102017

City Council’s Committee of the Whole is opening up the floor to hear public comments on all proposed Master Plan amendments Monday morning.

The committee will hear comments on proposed text and map amendments that have been discussed, dissected and presented in the past months. Council members will hear public comments and discuss proposed amendments to the Master Plan before taking a formal vote at the regular City Council meeting on Thursday, July 27.

Proposed amendments may be considered and voted on for recommendation purposes, but no vote on the full ordinance will be taken Monday.

The meeting begins at 10 a.m. Monday in City Council chambers in City Hall, 1300 Perdido St.

The city’s 20-year plan was adopted in 2010 and allows City Planning staff to propose changes every one to five years. The plan outlines goals for the physical development of the city and consists of stated goals and policies. Proposed amendments were submitted in September by councilmembers, city staff and advocacy groups.

This year, there are 102 applications to amend the text of Master Plan, 219 applications to amend the Future Land Use Maps and also amendments to change the Future Land Use categories themselves.

All amendments submitted and reviewed can be found here, as well as an overview to the amendment process and links to frequently asked questions.

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