Jul 052017

*Correction: This article originally said organizers cancelled the event due to a “disenchantment with the Trump administration.” That statement has been redacted due to editor’s error, and the article has been corrected.*

July 4th festivities on Bayou St. John had a new face this year, though revelers still showed out and showed up Tuesday evening.

The annual flotilla parade and costume party on Bayou St. John – which was previously hosted by the Krewe of Kolossos – attracts hundreds of costumers, picnickers, boaters and swimmers, and has grown exponentially since it first began six years ago.

This year’s event was originally cancelled by Krewe organizers. So, Indivisible NOLA – a grassroots activist group – chose to take on the event as a “patriotic evening of dissent.”

Now called The 4th of July “Kayak-tivism,” the celebration kept the yearly aquatic parade alive while celebrating “the patriotic dissent of early Americans who were activists for our freedom from British rule,” according to an Indivisible NOLA release.

A patriotic reveler surveys a row of kayaks on Bayou St. John near the official end of “The 4th of July Kayak-tivism” event.

Boaters dressed up kayaks, rafts and small crafts with streamers, builds and even palm fronds.

The “patriotic evening of dissent” drew hundreds of people to the bayou on Tuesday.

While public fireworks are mostly illegal in the city, some revelers set off bottle rockets, firecrackers and other small fireworks.

Fox Rich “blessing the fleet” before The 4th of July Kayak-tivism kicked off Tuesday (courtesy Indivisible NOLA).

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  1. “This year’s event was originally cancelled by Krewe organizers because of a ‘disenchantment with the Trump administration.'”

    To quote the great Lou Reed, “There are problems in these times, and none of them are mine!” I would never change who I am or what I do over something/someone I have absolutely no control over. I’ve seen the light. The parade organizers really dropped the ball.

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