Jun 282017

The brightly-colored homes are expected to go online July 4 (Claire Byun).

By Claire Byun

In a string of new development on the Lafitte Greenway, three newly-constructed homes are bringing residential options to the “heart of the city.”

Atlas Greenway Partners, LLC, are readying to open three newly-constructed homes on St. Louis Street, directly facing the Greenway. Monty Lunn, co-founder of Atlas, said the project is a “bigger-picture” investment, since the Greenway has a chance at becoming a vein of transportation, development and living within New Orleans.

“People don’t know about the area, don’t know what’s been done with it, and they’re blown away,” Lunn said.

The St Louis Project consists of three near identical double gallery single family homes located directly on the greenway, a few blocks from Whole Foods and University Medical Center. Four municipal lots were converted into three in order to provide additional off-street parking and a sizeable back yard, Lunn said.

All the residences are about 2,000 square feet, with three bedroom, two and a half bath, laundry rooms and a front balcony.

The St. Louis homes look out directly onto the Greenway (courtesy Atlas Greenway Partners, LLC).

Lunn said he’s focusing on projects around Mid-City – Atlas is also renovating a property on Palmyra – because of how much development is growing downtown and in Gentilly. Mid-City has had a tendency to “be ignored” by development, but it has one of the biggest draws: the Greenway.

“The Greenway has the ability to have the nexus of all that redevelopment,” Lunn said. “It has a chance to become the heart of the city.”

Just a few blocks down from the brand new homes is the former Times Picayune Annex warehouse, which is undergoing a $4 million redevelopment. The restored warehouse will hold a mix of offices, retail and possibly eateries fronting the Greenway with a hopeful completion date of early 2018.

The Lafitte Corridor Revitalization Plan, developed by the city, identifies the Greenway’s Broad Street intersection as a key location, which makes the St. Louis Street developments even more promising.

“To have something that fits in the middle, that’s affordable, is needed,” Lunn said.

The St. Louis homes are expected to be listed around $400,000 each and are expected to go online July 4.

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  1. $400,000 is affordable?!

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