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New Orleans Regional Transit Authority staff are working on a 20-year strategic mobility plan to integrate and improve public transportation and there’s still time to make your voice heard.

The plan, which is being developed by the Regional Transit Authority, is meant to “establish the vision, goals and roadmap for public transportation in the city and region” for the next two decades. There are five planned phases before the final plan is submitted in December, and the first centers around community conversations.

“We’re looking at a lot more general regionwide and citywide transportation issues, which will help in the short term,” said Vivek Shah, transportation planner Transdev, the private operating partner of the RTA at a neighborhood meeting earlier this year.

The process includes feedback from the general public, stakeholder groups and passengers, Shah said. The plan is part of the RTA’s “larger commitment” to equity and access, as well as customer service and performance.

After a series of public meetings officials moved on to the “Exploring Opportunities” stage. That phase included assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the system, sharing info on emerging technology and understanding current mobility demands.

Now, officials are on the “Visioning” phase, which updates RTA’s vision, mission and goals and develops strategies to reach those goals. The phase will also determine how progress is measured during the 20-year plan. “Evaluating Options” is the fourth step, where officials look over different mobility strategies and assess opportunities.

The final step drafts a proposed plan for a “sustainable, equitable and vibrant New Orleans region” by December.

RTA is asking for public input either in person, over email or via an online survey. To sign your neighborhood association up for a presentation, email strategicplan@norta.com or call/text 504-228-2626.

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  1. Public transit is a joke. I work long hours on Bourbon and commute by bike. I live three blocks from the Canal streetcar line near City Park–three blocks from a streetcar line that is completely useless to someone like me that actually lives and works full time in the NOLA service industry (although it’s wonderful for AirBnB wannabe New Orleanian that visit for the weekend.) Why is this seemly “good” streetcar line useless in practical terms? For one, the streetcar is very slow. I beat it everytime with my bike. I can live with that, as inconvenient as it may be; but what really troubles me is that there are no bike racks on the street cars. There are nights when I’ve been on my feet for ten hours. There are nights where when torrential rains ruin my 5am trip home. There are nights when I feel like an easy robbery mark. Some days after work, I just wanna sit down and relax on a commute home instead of biking full speed down Canal street to avoid getting robbed. I don’t even have that option with these worthless streetcars. Id rather bus service on Canal, but that will never happen. I’d settle with a mere bike rack on the street car, but that would make too much sense. People would rather have their faux “historic” looking street cars rather then help the little people who actually run this city and pay taxes. Okay done with my rant. Just sayin’

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