Jun 212017

A bicyclist rides in City Park (Claire Byun).

The proposed locations of 70 initial bicycle share program stations are still up in the air, and the city is asking for public input before the June 25 deadline.

Polling for preferred station alternatives is live now on the city’s bike share webpage. Voting will be used to reduce the number of alternate locations to just 70 for the program’s launch this fall.

To take the survey, click here.

The polls come after rounds of public workshops and presentations at neighborhood association meetings where residents critiqued and recommended possible locations. Online polling ends later this month, and city staff – in partnership with Social Bicycles – will then create draft plans present at a final public hearing.

There will be about 15 stations in Mid-City.

A bulk of Mid-City’s locations were proposed along Esplanade Avenue and the Lafitte Greenway, especially near Conti Street. There were seven proposed stations along the Greenway, some at the intersection of side roads and Banks Avenue, and multiple along Canal Street. Tulane Avenue and South Jefferson Davis Parkway was another option addressed during the workshop.

Stations were proposed for multiple spots along Esplanade, including Wisner Boulevard, N. Rendon Street, Crete Street and Ponce De Leon. Norton said that area will most like have four to five stations, compared to just three or four in other parts of the neighborhood.

  One Response to “Go vote: Poll opens for bicycle share station locations”

  1. It’s a bike rental program.

    I know it’s the cool lingo and it’s what all the kids are talking about, but can’t we just be honest and call it what it is? This is NOT a bike “share” program. It’s literally a bike “rental” program. I’m all in favor of it, but the use of the word “share” here is patently incorrect and disingenuous.

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