May 312017

The monument honoring Charles Dreux was vandalized sometime Tuesday evening (Bart Everson).

The concrete bust of Col. Charles Didier Dreux in Mid-City was vandalized sometime overnight, and a familiar group of vandals claimed responsibility.

Fliers were scattered around the base of the monument from the group claiming responsibility (Bart Everson).

The nose of Dreux’s concrete monument was chiseled off and the base spray painted with a Circle-A symbol – the common symbol for anarchy. There were fliers scattered around the base of the statue similar to those found around the vandalized Father Abram J. Ryan statue earlier this week. The fliers around Ryan encouraged passers-by to chisel away at the statue or douse it with paint. The Real Meow Meow Liberation Front – Professional Party Planning Committee claimed responsibility for the act.

Dreux’s monument honors the first Louisiana Confederate field officer to be killed in the Civil War. The monument sits on Jefferson Davis Parkway, facing the former Jefferson Davis monument across from Canal Street.

  24 Responses to “Another Mid-City Confederate monument vandalized”

  1. This Domestic terrorist group needs to be condemned and defeated and all mbers put in prison. Antifa must be stopped!

  2. Your city seems to be out of control. Pretty sure I will not be visiting there.

  3. They should be fined and jailed. Thanks, Mitch!!

  4. Left out of this story is the fact that the fliers again state that Mitch Landrieu paid this group of vandals to deface this monument. The fliers left at the Father Ryan monument said Landrieu hired this group, also.

    • If that can be proven….jail time for the mayor.

      • are you sure it wasn’t Soros or some other person not directly involved you would like to blame? maybe even Obama’s great great great grandmother.

  5. I fear that the NOPD is complicit in just letting these thugs get away with the destruction of these hallowed monuments. What a wretched, stinking cesspool New Orleans has become. Sad.

  6. I think these punks need some Dirty Harry therapy… “go ahead punk, was it five shots or six…”. Obviously their parents never whipped their collective asses…

  7. Take them all down. I can’t even believe a parkway would be named after Jefferson Davis. How do you people not see this as offensive and only serving to honor traitors to this very nation?

  8. All this over a statue? Of a person whose ok with owning another human being as property. Some of you to need to focus on the things that actually affect everyone in the city. The statues aren’t the problem.

  9. You say defaced. I say marked for removal by the people of that fair city.

  10. If Dreux had been removed with the others he’d still have his nose.

  11. I don’t see why you are reporting on this story. The more you make this a story, the more it will be one. No one paid attention to these monuments before the mayor made this an issue. If you don’t like our city, then don’t live here.

    • sorry, i was born about 1000 feet from the monuments, you have no stand in telling me where i can live. i supported the “just leave them” crowd, until all these out of town “traitor flag” waving hillbillies came in and showed us why the monuments MUST be removed, we will NOT tolerate a rally point for these creatures.

  12. Landrieu has turned New Orleans into a garbage dump.

  13. Jail time for vandalism? Good thing there are antifa around to stand up to these nazi creeps. Thank you midcity messenger for publicizing the brave activism of these antifa, anti slavery, anti confederate, anti racist activists. If you don’t want to visit my anti racist city, good, don’t come here. If you hate New Orleans so much, stop reading and commenting on this website. You and those of us who are against nazis and slavers will both be happier.

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