Apr 212017

An overview of crime around Mid-City from the past week (via CrimeMapping.com).

Mid-City’s burglary rate took a beating last month, though the overall rate of crime remained stable.

There were nine reported incidents of burglary in the Mid-City Security District in March – an increase of six over the month before. The theft rate also increased by one report to 12 incidents, according to police statistics.

The total number of property crime – which includes theft, auto burglary and shoplifting – was 32 incidents, compared to 27 in February. Persons crime, however, was cut in half. Police responded to one armed robbery call in March compared to three the month before, and there were no murders in the district last month, according to statistics.

To help reduce crime, MCSD installed security lights around the district. There are about 18 lights in different locations, and about six have burned out at one time or another, said Jim Olsen, MCSD chair.

Instead of fixing every one, Olsen said the commission is disabling the ones in areas of fewer calls for service.

“If the calls start up again, we’ll turn the lights back on,” Olsen said.

Neighbors can “sponsor” a light for $18 a month, or can choose to install their own security lights in front of their homes. MCSD statistics show that lighting dark areas at night reduces crime and keeps it down – even after the lights burn out, Olsen said.

Police responded to four incidents of auto burglaries last month, which is a huge dip from the prior year. March 2016 produced 31 auto burglaries across the district.

“The big difference is we got hit really hard with auto burglaries in the Third District last March,” Olsen said.

Because auto burglaries decreased so severely, the total number of reports from March 2017 were about half of the previous year. However, the total still falls within the normal range of crimes this year.

There were 41 reported crimes in February and 40 in January, according to statistics. Auto thefts remain stable at six reports in March and April, though it decrease from 10 last year.

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  1. I know several on our street recently just weren’t reported. I imagine there are others.

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