Apr 132017

A scenario of land loss within 10 years if the Master Plan is not put in place (via Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority).

By Claire Byun

The Louisiana coastline has been gradually disappearing for decades due to a whole host of issues. The National Wildlife Foundation, in partnership with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, wants to stem the loss of land.

But the foundation needs residential support.

Matt Phillips, representative from NWF, presented the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan to the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization at their monthly meeting Monday. The plan includes guidelines to help develop restoration projects that are consistent with the Master Plan.

The 50-year, $50 billion plan was established in 2007 and is updated every five years. The Louisiana Legislature must approve the updates and pass the plan after those five years, and the vote is coming up again this year.

“We want to hear from you, we want to hear from local community about how this affects you and what you think can be done about it,” Phillips said.

This year’s plan improves some of the science around restoring the coastline and develops more input from stakeholders, including residents, city officials and businesses who rely on the coast. The state has employed strategies that multiple lines of defense, which combines structural projects with resilience projects.

“All of these things come together to create a much more sustainable environment,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the foundation wants the updated plan to pass through the Legislature unanimously, but the public needs to be a part of that. Phillips encouraged MCNO members to tell their family and friends about the plan, attend any public meetings on the updates and keep in contact with legislatures.

“Call your legislature,” Phillips said.

To see the whole plan or details of each defensive strategy, visit the master plan website. To find contact information for your House or Senate representative, click here.

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