Apr 112017

A man was killed on the 300 block of Jane Place in Mid-City Tuesday evening.

By Claire Byun

A man was killed after a shooting on the 300 block of Jane Place Tuesday evening.

The shooting occurred in the 300 block of Jane Place and was reported by the NOPD just before 6:30 p.m., police said. Neighbors said they heard about 15 shots.

Tuesday’s murder marks the second Mid-City murder in three days. A man was killed Saturday on the 600 block of South Scott Street; when police arrived around 2:30 p.m. they found the victim lying in the street.

The victim originally was reported in critical condition, but around 7:30 p.m. police said he had died.

Mallory LeBlanc, co-founder of the Tulane Banks Neighborhood Association, said she heard about 15 shots from her front porch. This Mid-City murder – the second in about three days – is disheartening to LeBlanc.

“It’s so senseless. It breaks my heart,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going on in our community.”

Out of the seven murders in the city this year, about a third of them have been in Mid-City. NOPD First District Commander Hans Ganthier told his officers earlier Tuesday to stick around the area of Tulane Avenue, Ulloa Street and Banks Avenue to cut down on the crime in that area.

“This is why I have everybody in this area,” Ganthier said. “We’ve pretty much put everything in there.”

Ganthier said he’s been sending most of his resources to the area – especially after Saturday’s murder – but he’s looking into legal solutions to finally cut down on the violence. First District officials have a meeting with Rebecca Dietz, city attorney, next week to see if legal action can be taken against the trouble-makers.

If the City Council can – and chooses to – take legal action, there will be a public hearing, Ganthier said. That’s when he needs Mid-City residents to show up in force.

“I would love to shut down multiple businesses in the district, but that’s not how it goes,” Ganthier said at a Mid-City Neighborhood Association meeting Monday. “We need your vocal opinion, just like you’ve been expressing here.”

LeBlanc said Tuesday’s shooting highlights how susceptible residents are to violence, even during the daytime. Neighbors could have been walking their dogs, playing with their children or just grilling dinner outside at the time of the shootings,” LeBlanc said.

But, the fact that Ganthier and his officers are hitting that hotspot to reduce crime makes LeBlanc a little more hopeful about her neighborhood. She said since the Tulane Banks area is a priority to the First District, it could be made a priority to the rest of the city – including City Council.

Either way, the homicide is disheartening, she said.

“Nobody should lose their life,” LeBlanc said. “It’s not right.”

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