Mar 232017

By Claire Byun

The number of armed robbery and assault incidents around Mid-City dropped dramatically in February, which lowered the total number of crimes overall.

Armed robberies dropped from nine in January to just three last month, according to numbers from the Mid-City Security District. No murders, rapes or assaults were reported last month, and simple robbery incidents dropped by one.

That brings the total number of incidents for February to 31 compared to 46 from January, according to police statistics. Last February, Mid-City accounted for 44 reported incidents.

The decrease in persons crime is encouraging to NOPD First District Commander Hans Ganthier, who told members of the Mid-City Business Association earlier this week that most crime is in a downward trend.

“But it’s still a continual effort for us,” Ganthier said.

He also touted the Mid-City Security District. Ganthier said the special tax district compliments the district’s work so more criminals can be taken off the street more efficiently.

“It’s really quite a valuable asset to us,” he said.

The total number of property incidents increased by one in February – to 27 – with the biggest increase coming from a reported 11 thefts. Auto burglaries decreased by one, though auto thefts increased to six last month. February 2017 saw 14 incidents of theft and 9 reported auto thefts, according to statistics.

Total crime around Mid-City decreased by almost 8 percent in 2016, though two crimes still trended upward over the 12-month period.

Rape reports increased by 40 percent – or four reports – since 2015, according to numbers from the New Orleans Police Department. Auto thefts also increased by nearly 12 percent in 2016.

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