Mar 232017

New Orleans City Study Committee’s suggested boundaries for the Parkview Local Historic District (in pink).

By Claire Byun

The New Orleans City Council will consider the creation of the Parkview Historic District at their meeting Thursday, though the neighborhood association independently voted to opt out last month.

The Parkview Neighborhood Association Board voted in February not to become a local historic district after an attempt to redefine demolition was brought to the board. Parkview members sent a letter to Paul Harang, director of City Council Relations, last month informing the council of their “unanimous” vote.

The board’s vote isn’t the end-all, be-all, however. City Council has the final say in whether Parkview comes under control of the Historic Districts Landmarks Commission (HDLC).

The council meets Thursday at 10 a.m. at City Hall, 1300 Perdido St.

The neighborhood board argued that the city’s “recent last-minute attempt to expand the definition of ‘demolition’” would potentially strip property owners of rights to make certain changes to their property. The letter also voices frustration that the change was made after the HDLC’s public meetings and expands the reach of the committee’s “demolition-only” review process.

City administration agreed to a proposal that would change certain boundaries from NCDAC to HDLC control, said Eleanor Burke, deputy director for the HDLC. The plan included taking the existing districts and turning them into HDLC partial control districts, which would review demolition only.

After considering reports and surveys submitted by a review committee tasked with scrutinizing the proposal’s feasibility, the City Planning Commission in late September voted that the designations should be created, and the Historic District Landmarks Commission should be given limited oversight in both areas.

Specifically, the committee decided homeowners in Mid-City and Parkview neighborhoods should have to seek permission from the HDLC only before tearing down buildings.

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  1. Last para should read “committee decided” (not “commission”).

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