Mar 092017

The Mid-City Library

Looking for a fun, family-friendly way to get your children interested in reading? The Mid-City Library has you covered.

The library is hosting the PRIME TIME FAMILY READING TIME program next month which is designed to help children improve their reading skills by involving the whole family. The program works to make reading fun and enhance problem-solving skills and reading comprehension. PRIME TIME includes storytelling, reading, and discussion for parents and children aged six to 10.

PRIME TIME programs are presented by a discussion leader and a storyteller who use award-winning children’s books to:
– Foster critical thinking skills through asking open-ended questions about the text
– integrate reading, listening, and discussion
– Exposes participants to different types of literature
– Provides reading practice through a read at home component

The program – which is limited to 15 families – will be held every Wednesday beginning April 19 through May 26. The programs are free and include a meal, door prizes, and gift books.

The program is funded through the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and developed for families with children who are “economically or educationally vulnerable,” Mid-City Library branch manager Adrienne Strock said.

“It is designed to create a collective learning environment for families which leads to a culture of learning and literacy for children,” Strock said.

Families who want to participate must preregister and may do so by calling the Mid-City Library at 504-596-2654 or stopping in, 4140 Canal St.

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