Mar 062017

NCDAC will hear a request to demolish the now-shuttered Le Petit Motel due to damage. (file photo by Robert Morris, MidCityMessenger.com)

The shuttered Le Petit Motel on Tulane Avenue is getting a facelift – along with several other crumbling motels on the corridor – but the historic conservation council has to sign off on the demolition first.

Developers are seeking approval to demolish the motel, located at 2836 Tulane Ave., due to extensive damages. Officials submitted paperwork to the Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory committee to approve the demolition.

In April, the shuttered motel was sold for $725,000 to San Francisco restauranteur Nicholas Fasanella and Devin Vermeulen, a New York-based architect.

Fasanella and Vermeulen plan to restore the dilapidated motel to its heyday complete with an “elevated diner style” restaurant serving alcohol. Plans include 26 new rooms and big neon signs out front, just like the ones displayed decades ago.

The property is in an active Neighborhood Conservation District but the structure doesn’t currently meet zoning codes. The motel is one of several old haunts along Tulane Avenue that have changed hands since last year, including The Capri Motel and Rose Inn.

Louisiana Demolition, Inc. will demolish the property for $29,610, according to city documents. NCDAC will hear the request at their meeting Monday.

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