Feb 222017

2021 Perdido St. is an out-of-commission accessory building owned by LSU (via NCDAC).

By Claire Byun

The New Orleans Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee pushed along a request by Louisiana State University to demolish an out-of-use building.

The small accessory building – located at 2021 Perdido St. – is part of LSU’s medical programs. The advisory board voted to pass the motion to City Council at its Tuesday meeting.

The committee passed the motion to City Council without a recommendation, partially because the building is owned by the state. Though no one from the property was at the meeting to answer questions or offer more details on the site, though a commissioner noted the accessory building did not have architectural value.

LSU’s Health Sciences department owns the lot that formerly housed part of the Pharmacy program, though officials are only seeking to demolish the small accessory building on S. Prieur Street. The building is out of commission and LSU wishes to “restore the property back to original condition,” according to city documents.

Hamp’s Construction is slated to demolish the old building (via NCDAC).

Unlike the surrounding buildings, 2021 Perdido is a windowless one-story rectangle. LSU’s Medical Center, School of Medicine and interim hospital clinic neighbor the accessory building.

Hamp’s Construction is slated to demolish the building for $56,800, according to city documents. Contractors have 30 days from the date of approval to demolish everything.

NCDAC advises City Council relative to applications for permits to demolish existing structures located within the Neighborhood Conservation District, according to its website. City Council will either approve or deny the motion at one of their future meetings.

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