Nov 092016
A map of Mid-City voting precincts -- dark blue represents Clinton margins of more than 10 percentage points. (map by MidCityMessenger.com, data source: sos.la.gov)

A map of Mid-City voting precincts — dark blue represents Clinton margins of more than 10 percentage points. (map by MidCityMessenger.com, data source: sos.la.gov)

Donald J. Trump won a stunning victory in the Presidential race on Tuesday night, but every voting precinct in the Mid-City area preferred Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by double-digit margins.

In the voting precincts between Broad Street and City Park Avenue, from the interstate to the Fairgrounds, Clinton won by margins of between 25 percentage points to more than 90 points. Trump’s best Mid-City precinct was 5-16, which includes City Park, where Clinton still bested him 56 percent to 29 percent.

Overall, Clinton won 6,941 votes in the Mid-City precincts out of 8,623 cast (not counting early votes, which are not assigned by precinct), or 80.5 percent. Trump won 1,076 votes, or 12.5 percent. Of the third-party candidates — whose Green and Libertarian supporters both meet around the Mid-City area — Jill Stein won 3.3 percent of ballots in Mid-City, and Gary Johnson won 2.9 percent.

Clinton supporters were easy to find among voters at Warren Easton Charter High School on Tuesday, one of the largest polling places in the Mid-City area.

Grayson Lirette, 21, ideally wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders but settled for the Democratic nominee. Since Sanders endorsed Clinton in late July, Lirette said she’s come around to a Clinton presidency.

“She kind of added some of his ideas to her platform, which made it a little more appealing to more people,” Lirette said.

As for Tiwauna Jackson, she didn’t want to cast a vote for either major party’s candidate. Jackson said neither candidate “is qualified to run the country,” but still chose to vote for Clinton because of the “dumb things that come out of Trump’s mouth.”

“Hopefully she’ll do at least one good thing for the country,” Jackson said.

Many Mid-City voters said they chose Clinton because of her past experience as Secretary of State and ability to reach across the isle. Travis Bird, who voted at Warren Easton, said he had planned on voting for Clinton but was shocked at the number of presidential candidates on the ballot. With 23 independent party candidates, plus those from the Green and Libertarian parties, decisions shouldn’t just be limited to the major two candidates, Bird said.

“Hopefully next time we’ll be able to realistically choose from the smaller parties,” Bird said.

Margaret Marine didn’t wait until the next presidential election to support a smaller party, since she cast her vote for the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Marine said she voted for Stein to give the Green Party a chance at 5 percent of the vote so it gains more federal funding.

She said a Clinton presidency wouldn’t change much – for better or worse – but a Trump win would negatively impact the country.

Brian Levy, who voted for Clinton, said a Trump presidency would force the country to think about the kind of future being left for the nation;s children. Levy added that though he doesn’t agree with Trump’s rhetoric, Trump’s supporters deserve to be heard and their wants and needs addressed.

“But we need to do it without close-mindedness,” he said.

Kevin O’Mara voted for Clinton early Tuesday, mostly because of her specific plans and inclusiveness of all creeds, colors and religions, he said. After casting a vote for what could have been the first-ever woman president, O’Mara kept repeating the same mantra:

“It’s going to be OK.”

Freelance journalist Claire Byun contributed reporting from Warren Easton.

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  1. How can we see other neighborhoods?

  2. Glad the rest of the country voted to take back our country. Clinton would have destroyed the Supreme Court for generations to come.

    Now is the time to lock Clinton and her crime family behind bars where they belong.

    Nice that the liberal media was uncovered for the underhanded questions delivered to Clinton before the debates by the Clinton News Network and PMSNBC.

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