Mar 012016
(photo via onestopapp.nola.gov)

(photo via onestopapp.nola.gov)

A new construction application has been filed with the city for a proposed Ochsner Health “free standing” emergency room on Canal Street.

The proposal is for the southwest intersection of Canal Street and South Carrollton Avenue, where a current furniture store, Sofas and Chairs, is located, according to city documents. A permit summary shows a 9,022 square foot construction area slated to be added to the existing one-story building.

Plans also include a proposed driveway for ambulances and patient drop off, according to the renderings.

A date has not been set yet for the plans to be heard by the City Planning Commission.

  12 Responses to “Ochsner Health emergency room slated for Canal Street”

  1. Seems like a terrible idea for such a busy intersection.

  2. Terrible idea. I agree that it’s a bad corner already. Plus we have a brand new state of the art ER just down the road.

  3. Looks like Ochsner wants their own presence in every part of the City so they can dominate the health BUSINESS in New Orleans.

    • Ochsner we was great during Katrina and never closed.they stepped up to bat and reopened three hospitals after Tenet pulled out.

      • Ochsner put a caveat in the sale of the Baptist Campus as well as the other Tenet Hospitals that Tenet could not sell Mercy Campus to any other hospital entity. So, we were left with an ugly eyesore.

      • Ochsner also refused to take any more Medicaid patients not that long after Katrina. Not sure if they accept them now, but I think that stinks.

  4. Could the building be any uglier and what an eyesore this will be at such a large intersection! I really don’t understand the concept of a freestanding Emergency Room when we have the brand new hospital less than a mile away and several urgent care places. Ochsner already has their Mid-City Clinic in the market area. What a waste of space. I’m a nurse and don’t get this….

  5. NIMBY arrivistes go home. Prior to Katrina we had Lindy Boggs Medical Center on Jeff Davis, providing this (and other) services – it was great. Sad that it couldn’t come back, happy Oschsner is providing emergency services to the neighborhoods outside of the “biomedical corridor’.

    • Of course, it’s worth remembering that the reason Lindy Boggs couldn’t be brought back was because of the Big O. The deal they made with Tenet prevented the site being used for medical purposes for five years. Standard business practice, perhaps, but I say it’s a dirty deal for a community trying to recover from a catastrophe.

  6. How does an ER operate independently from operating rooms/surgeons, a blood bank/lab, an ICU, respiratory care, x-ray/CT, etc? What’s the difference between an Urgent Care center and this ER, besides the higher charges? I mean, if you’re seen here but are in dire need of surgery, do they put you back in the ambulance and take you to the hospital? Seriously asking. No thanks to the overall idea.That’s all we need is more traffic in this busy area.

  7. I think it is a great idea for them to build another ER in the city. It will take the wait time off of other emergency rooms and it will give citizens a choice on where they want to be seen besides I heard this error has state of the art everything. It has it own lab, x-ray/CT etc. and everything else you would need in an emergency situation and also we as citizens of New Orleans sure can use it with all the crime that goes on in this area. SO Thank you Ochsner very smart move.

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